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Coats of Arms - Surnames and Mottos


Surname - Motto - English Translation
Abbot - Benedic fontes, Domine - Bless wells, O lord!
Abbot - Labore - By labour
Abbott - Age officium tuum - Act your office
Abbott - Clamamus, Abba, Pater - Whereby we cry, Abba, Father
Abbott - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Abbs - In te, Domine, speravi - In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Abbs - Noli irritare leonem - Irritate not the lion
Abdy - Tenax et fidelis - Persevering and faithful
Abell - Invicta veritate - By invincible truth
Abercorn - Sola nobilitas virtus - Virtue is the only nobility
Abercorn - Through - Through
Abercrombie - Mercy is my desire - Mercy is my desire
Abercrombie - Petit alta - He seeks high things
Abercromby - In cruce salus - In the cross is salvation
Abercromby - Tace - Be silent
Abercromby - Vive ut vivas - Live that you may live
Aberdeen - Fortuna sequatur - Let fortune be attendant
Aberdeen - Intemerata fides - Faith undefiled
Aberdeen - Ne nimium - Not too much
Aberdour - Hinc spes effulget - Hence hope shines forth
Abergavenny - Ne vile velis - Wish nothing base
Abernethy - Salus per Christum - Salvation through Christ
Abinger - Suis stat viribus - He stands by his own powers
Ablett - Pro fide ablectus - Chosen for fidelity
Abney - Fortiter et honestè - Boldly and honourably
Abney - In veritate victoria - Victory is in truth
Abyssinia - Vivit Leo de Tribu Juda - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah lives
Accorne - Stabo - I shall stand
Achany - Per ardua ad alta - Through straits to heights
Acheson - Vigilantibus - While they watch
Achieson - Observe - Observe
Ackers - La liberté - Liberty
Ackles - Non vox sed votum - Not in voice but a wish.
Ackworth - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Acland - Inébranlable - Not to be shaken
Acourt - Grandescunt aucta labore - The acquirements of industry render illustrious
Acton - Avitoe glorioe memor - Mindful of ancestral glory
Acton - Vaillaunce avance le home - Valour advances the man
Adair - I dare - I dare
Adair - Loyal à mort - Loyal to death
Adair - Loyal au mort - Loyal to the dead
Adam - Crux mihi grata quies - The cross is my pleasing rest
Adams - Certior in coelo domus - A surer home in heaven
Adams - Libertas et natale solum - Liberty and my native soil
Adams - Sub cruce veritas - Truth under the cross
Addenbrooke - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Addenbrooke - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Addington - Libertas sub rege pio - Liberty under a pious king
Addison - Addecet honeste vivere - It much becomes us to live honourably
Addison - Let the deed shaw - Let the deed shaw
Adml. Sir G. Edenhamond - Sepulto viresco - I revive from my burial
Adson - Stand sure - Stand sure
Affleck - Pretiosum quod utile - That is valuable which is useful
Agar - Spectemur agendo - Let us be viewed by our actions
Agar - Via trita via tuta - The beaten road is a safe road
Agardes - Dieu me garde - God keep me
Agnew - Be faithful - Be faithful
Agnew - Consilio non impetu - By counsel, not by force
Ahrends - Post nubila Phoebus - After clouds sunshine
Aiken - In cruce salus - In the cross is salvation
Aikenhead - Annoso robore quercus - An oak in aged strength
Aikenhead - Rupto robore nati - We are born from the broken oak (referring to the acorns in the arms)
Aikin - Sub robore virtus - Virtue under strength
Aikman - Sub robore virtus - Virtue under strength
Ailesbury - Fuimus - We have been
Ailesbury - Think and thank - Think and thank
Ailsa - Avise la fin - Consider the end
Ainslie - Pietas tutissima virtus - Piety is the surest virtue
Aird - Vigilantia - Vigilance
Airderbeck - Stand sure - Stand sure
Airlie - A fin - To the end
Aiscough - In hoc signo vinces - Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Aiton - Decerptoe dabunt odorem - Plucked they will emit fragrance
Aiton - Et decerptoe dabunt odorem - Even when plucked they will give out scent
Aiton - Virtute orta occidunt rarius - Things sprung form virtue rarely perish
Akers - E vive en esperance - And live in hope
Akers - Je vive en esperance - I live in hope
Akins - Honor et virtus - Honour and virtue
Akroyd - In utroque paratus - Prepared in either case
Akroyd - In veritate victoria - Victory is in truth
Albemarle - Ne cede malis - Yield not to misfortunes
Alcock - Calco sub pedibus - I trample it under my feet
Aldborough - Virtuti nihil obstat et armis - Nothing resists valour and arms
Aldersey - Alnus semper floreat - May the Alder always flourish
Aldrige - Dirige - Direct us
Aldworth - Nec sperno, nec timeo - I neither despise nor fear
Alexander - Ducitur, non trahitur - He is led, not drawn
Alexander - Fidem servo - I keep faith
Alexander - Per mare, per terras - By sea and land
Algar - Nisi virtus vilior alga - Without virtue viler than the sea-weed
Alison - Vincit veritas - Truth conquers
Aljoy - Non deficit alter - Another is not wanting
Allan - Fortiter gerit crucem - He bravely supports the cross
Allan - Summa rerum vestigia sequor - I follow the highest tracks of things
Allan - Virtute et labore - By valour and exertion
Allardic - In cruce spero - I trust in the cross
Allardice - In defence - In defence
Allardice - In defence of the distressed - In defence of the distressed
Allardice - My defence - My defence
Allardyce - Bene qui pacifice - He lives well who lives peacefully
Allcard - Semel et semper - Once and always
Allcock - Vigilate - Watch
Allen - Amicitia sine fraude - Friendship without deceit
Allen - Diligenter et fideliter - Diligently and faithfully
Allen - Dirigatt Deus - May God direct us
Allen - Fide et labore - By faith and labour
Allen - In Deo solo speravi - In God alone I have trust
Allen - Remember - Remember
Allen - Triumpho morte tain vitû - I triumph equally in death as in life
Allen - Vita vel morte triumpha - Triumph in life or death
Alleyne - Non tua te moveant, sed publica vota - Let not thy own, but the public wishes actuate thee
Allington - Dieu est tout - God is every thing
Alloway - Soli Deo - To God alone
Almack - Mack all sicker - Mack all sicker
Alpin - Cuinich bas Alpin - Remember the death of Alpin
Alpin - Virtutis regia merces - Royal is the reward of virtue
Alston - Immotus - Immoveable
Alston - In altum - Toward heaven
Alvanley - Patientiâ vinces - By patience thou wilt conquer
Alves - Deo favente - By the favour of God
Amand - Sperabo - I will hope
Amaranta - Dolce nella memoria - Sweet in the memory
Amery - Tu ne cede malis - Yield not to misfortunes
Amherst - Constantia et virtute - By constancy and virtue
Amherst - Victoria concordiâ crescit - Victory increases by concord
Amos - Sapere aude - Dare to be wise
Amphlett - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Ancram - Hold fast - Hold fast
Anderson - Fortiter et rectè - Boldly and rightly
Anderson - Gnaviter - Skilfully
Anderson - Gradatim - By degrees
Anderson - Nil desperandum auspice Deo - Nothing to be despaired of under the auspices of God
Anderson - Per mare - By sea
Anderson - Qui honeste fortiter - He who acts honestly acts bravely
Anderson - Recte quod honeste - That is rightly which is honestly done
Anderson - Stand sure - Stand sure
Anderton - We stoop not - We stoop not
Andrew - Virtute et fortuna - By valour and good fortune
Andrews - Give and forgive - Give and forgive
Andrews - Victrix fortunoe sapientia - Wisdom the conqueror of fortune
Andrews - Vigueur l'amour de croix - The love of the cross gives strength
Anglesea - Per il suop contrario - By its opposite
Anguish - Anguis in herba - A snake in the grass
Anguish - Latet anguis in herba - The snake lurks in the grass
Angus - Fortis est veritas - Truth is strong
Anketel - Vade ad formicam - Go to the ant
Anna of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII - God send me wel to kepe - God send me wel to kepe
Annand - Sperabo - I will hope
Annand - Spero - I hope
Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII - Mihi et meoe - For me and for mine
Annesley - Meliora supersunt - Better things remain
Annesley - Virtutis amore - Through love to virtue
Anson - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Anstruther - Periissem, ni per-iissem - I had perished, unless I had gone through with it
Anstruther - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Answorth - Spero meliora - I hope for better things
Antrobus - Dei memor, gratus amicis - Mindful of God, grateful to friends
Apreece - Labora ut in oeternum vivas - Strive that you may live for ever
Aprice - Pullis corvorum invorantibus eum - When the young, ones of the crows call upon him
Arbuthnot - Innocent and true - Innocent and true
Arbuthnot - Innocue ac provide - Harmlessly and providently
Arbuthnot - Interna proestant - Inward things are best
Arbuthnot - Sit laus Deo - Praise be to God
Arbuthnot - Tam interna quam externa - As well internal as external (qualities)
Arbuthnott - Laus Deo - Praise be to God
Arcbald - Ut reficiar - That I may be replenished
Archbald - Ditat servata fides - Tried fidelity enriches
Archbald - Palma non sine pulvere - The palm is not obtained without labour
Archdale - Data fata secutus - Following my destiny
Archer - Sola bona quoe honesta - Those things only are good which are honest
Archer - Sola Deus salus - God the only salvation
Archever - Ready - Ready
Archibald - Ut reficiar - That I may be replenished
Arden - Nihil obstabit eunti - Nothing shall oppose him as he goes
Arden - Patientiâ vinces - By patience thou wilt conquer
Arden - Sub cruce candida - Under the white cross
Areskine - Ausim et confido - I am brave and confident
Argyll - Vix ea nostra voco - I scarce call these things our own
Aringdon - Virtus ariete fortior - Virtue is stronger than a battering-ram
Ariton - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Arkley - Bene qui sedulo - He lives well who lives industriously
Arkwright - Multa tuli fecique - I have endured and done much
Armistead - Suivez la raison - Follow reason
Armitage - Fortiter et fideliter - Boldly and faithfully
Armour - Cassis tutissima virtus - Virtue is the safest helmet
Armstrong - Invicta labore - Unconquered by labour
Armstrong - Invictus maneo - I remain unconquered
Armstrong - Vi et armis - By force and arms
Arnell - Sans heure - Without time
Arnet - Speratum et completum - Hoped for and fulfilled
Arnett - Constans et fidelis - Constant and faithful
Arnold - Ut vivas vigila - Watch that you may live
Arnot - Nunc aut nunquam - Now or never
Arnut - Speratum et completum - Hoped for and fulfilled
Arran - In hoc signo vinces - Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Arrat - Pax armis acquiritur - Peace is acquired by arms
Arrot - Antiquum assero decus - I claim ancient honour
Arthur - Impelle obstantia - Thrust aside obstacles
Arundel - De hirundine - From the swallow
Arundel - Deo date - Give unto God
Arundel - Nulli proeda - A prey to no one
Arundell - Deo, patrioe, amicis - To God, my country, and my friends
Arundell - Deo servire regnare est - To serve God is to reign
Arundell - Vigilantia, robur, voluptas - Vigilance, strength, pleasure
Aschmaty - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Asgile - Sui oblitus commodi - Regardless of his own interest
Ashbrook - Mens conscia recti - A mind conscious of rectitude
Ashburner - Quicquid crescit in cinere perit - Whatever grows perishes in ashes
Ashburnham - Le roy et l'estat - The king and the state
Ashburnham - Will God and I shall - Will God and I shall
Ashburton - Virtus in arduis - Courage in difficulties
Ashby - Be just, and fear not - Be just, and fear not
Ashe - Fight - Fight
Ashe - Non nobis sed omnibus - Not for ourselves, but for all mankind
Asheton - In Domino confido - I trust in the Lord
Ashley - Legite et discite - Read and learn
Ashmole - Ex uno omnia - All things are from one
Ashmore - Cave! Adsum - Beware! I am present
Ashton - Agere pro aliis - To act for others
Ashtown - Virtutis fortuna comes - Fortune is the companion of valour
Ashurst - Degeneranti, genus opprobrium - To a degenerate man his family is a disgrace
Ashurst - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Askew - Fac et spera - Do and hope
Askew - Patientia casus exsuperat omnes - Patience masters all chances
Aspinall - Aegis fortissima virtus - Virtue is the strongest shield
Asscotti - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Assherton - Nec arrogo, nec dubito - I neither arrogate nor hesitate, i.e. I neither claim too much, nor do I hesitate to claim my due
Astell - Fide, sed cui vide - Trust, but in whom take care
Astell - Sub cruce glorior - I glorify under the cross
Astley - Fide, sed cui vide - Trust, but in whom take care
Astley - Fide, sed cui vide - Trust, but in whom take care
Astley - Justitoe tenax - Persevering in justice
Aston - E tellure effodiuntur opes - Our wealth is dug out of the earth
Aston - Numini et patrioe - I stand by God and my country
Aston - Pret - Ready
Aston - Pret d' accomplir - Ready to accomplish
Atcherley - Spe posteri temporis - In hope of the latter time
Atcheson - Observe - Observe
Atchison - Vigilantibus - While they watch
Athlone - Malo mori quam foedari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Athol - Furth fortune, and fill the fetters - Furth fortune, and fill the fetters
Atkins - Be just, and fear not - Be just, and fear not
Atkins - By the sword - By the sword
Atkins - Caute et sedulo - Cautiously and carefully
Atkinson - Crede Deo - Trust in God
Atkinson - Credo Deo - Believe in God
Atkinson - Deo, regi fielis - Faithful to God and the king
Atkinson - Est pii Deum et patriam diligere - It is the part of a pious man to love God and his country
Atkinson - Nil sine labore - Nothing without labour
Atkyns - By the providence of God - By the providence of God
Atkyns - Vincit cum legibus arma - He conquers arms by laws
Atterbury - Loyal au mort - Loyal to the dead
Atthill - Honorantes me honorabo - I will honour those who honour me
Atthill - Monte de alto - From a high hill
Attwood - Vivere sat vincere - To conquer is to live enough
Atty - Eamus qup ducit fortuna - Let us go where fortune leads
Aubert - Aides Dieu! - Help, O God!
Aubert - Fide et fortitudine - With faith and fortitude
Aubertin - Esto fidelis - Be faithful
Aubrey - Solem fero - I bear the sun
Aubrey - Ubi amor ibi fides - Where there is love there is faith
Auchmuty - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Auckland - Si sit prudentia - If there be prudence
Audley - Je le tiens - I hold it
Audley - Merci, fortune - Thank you, fortune
Aufrere - Esto quod esse videris - Be what you seem to be
Auld - Major virtus gquam splendor - Virtue is preferable to splendour
Auld - Virtute et constantia - By valour and constancy
Aulde - Virtute et constantia - By valour and constancy
Auldjo - Non deficit alter - Another is not wanting
Aungier - Scio cui confido - I know in whom I trust
Austen - Ne quid nimis - Not too much of anything
Austin - Crux nostra corona - The cross is our crown
Austria - Pax et salus Europoe - The peace and safety of Europe
Austria - Uno avulso, non deficit alter - When one is torn away another is not wanting
Aveland - Deus prosperat justos - God prospers the just
Aveland - Habere et dispertire - To have and to share with others
Averquerque - Je m'en souvien-dray - I will remember it
Avonmore - Renascentur - They will rise again
Aylesford - Aperto vivere voto - To live without a wish concealed
Aylet - Not in vain - Not in vain
Aylmer - Hallelujah - Hallelujah
Aylmer - Steady - Steady
Aylward - Verus et fidelis semper - True and faithful ever
Aymand - La vie durante - During life
Aynesworth - Courage sans peur - Courage without fear
Ayre - Loeto aere florent - They flourish in glad air
Ayre - Lighter than air - Lighter than air
Ayres - Virtute et votes - By virtue and vows
Ayscough - Fac et spera - Do and hope

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