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Coats of Arms - Surnames and Mottos


Surname - Motto - English Translation
Eamer- Strenuè et prosperè- Earnestly and successfully
Eardley- Non nobis solum- Not for ourselves alone
Eardley-Smith- Spes decus et robur- Hope Is honour and strength
Earle-Drax- Mort en droit- Death in the right
East- Æquo pede propera- Hasten with steady pace
East- J'avance- I advance
Eastoft- Artis vel Martis- By skill or valour
Eastwood- Poriens sylva- Rising from the wood
Eaton- Vincit omnia veritas- Truth conquers all things
Eator- Nihil sine labore- Nothing without labour
Ebury- Virtus, non stemma- Virtue, not pedigree
Eccles- Se defendendo- In his own defence
Echlin- Non sine proeda- Not without booty
Echlin- Rumor acerbe, tace- Cruel rumour, be still
Eckley- Gesta verbis proeveniunt- Their deeds go before their words
Eddington- Labor omnia vincit- Perseverance overcomes all difficulties
Eden- Si sit prudentia- If there be prudence
Edgar- Apparet quod latebat- What lay hidden appears
Edgar- Man do it- Man do it
Edgar- Potius ingenio quam vi- Rather by skill than by force
Edgar- Salutem disponit Deus- God dispenses salvation
Edge- Semper fidelis- Always faithful
Edgell- Qui sera- What will be, will be
Edgeworth- Constans contraria spernit- The resolute man despises difficulties
Edidge- I soar- I soar
Edie- Crux mihi grata quies- The cross is my pleasing rest
Edingtown- Honeste audax- Honourably bold
Edminston- Gauge and measure- Gauge and measure
Edmonston- Be hardie- Be hardie
Edmonston- Be hardy- Be hardy
Edmonstoun- Be hardie- Be hardie
Edmounstone- Virtus auget honourem- Virtue increases honour
Edward- Gratia naturam vincit- Grace conquers nature
Edward- Nec flatu, nec fluctu- Neither by wind nor wave
Edwardes- Aspera ad virtutem est via- The road to virtue is rough
Edwards- A vino duw derwd- When God willeth He will come
Edwards- Duw fyddo ein cryfdwr- God be our strength
Edwards- Duw ydi (sometimes ydyw) ein cryfdwr- God is our strength
Edwards- Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon- Without God without anything, God is enough
Edwards- Honor potestate honorantis- Honour is in the power of him who honours
Edwards- Omne bonum Dei donum- Every good is the gift of God
Edwards- Peace with power- Peace with power
Edwards- Quid leges sine moribus?- What are laws without morals?
Edwards- Vincit veritas- Truth conquers
Egerton- Leoni non sagittis fido- I trust to the lion not to my arrows
Egerton- Sic donec- Thus until
Egerton- Virtuti non armis fido- I trust to virtue, not to arms
Eglinton- Gardez bien- Watch well
Egmont- Sub cruce candida- Under the white cross
Egmont- Yvery- Yvery
Egremont- Au bon droit- With good right
Eiston- Veritas- Truth
Ekles- Se defendendo- In his own defence
Elder- Virtute duce- With virtue for guide
Elderton - Sagax et audax - Shrewd and bold
Eldon- Sed sine labe decus- Moreover an honour without stain
Elford- Difficilia quoe pulchra- Things which are beautiful are difficult, i.e. Honour is hard to win
Elgin- Fuimus- We have been
Elibank- Virtute fideque- By virtue and faith
Eliot- Non sine Deo- Not without God
Elkin- Ex sese- From himself
Ellacombe- Nula fraus tuta latebris- No fraud is safe in its hiding-place
Ellames- Nec sperno, nec timeo- I neither despise nor fear
Elleis- Sperno- I despise
Ellenborough- Compositum jus fasque animi- A mind which respects alike the laws of mutual justice and of God
Ellerton- Spero infestis, metuo secundis- I hope in adversity, I fear in prosperity
Ellies- Sub solo patebit- It will expand under the sun
Elliot- Candide et caute- Candidly and cautiously
Elliot- Fortiter- Bravely
Elliot- Inest juceunditas- There is cheerfulness in it
Elliot- Non eget arcu- He does not need a bow
Elliot- Peradventure- Peradventure
Elliot- Vellera fertis oves- Sheep, ye bear the wool
Elliott- Credunt quod vident- They believe what they see (or because they see)
Elliott- Plus ultra- More beyond
Ellis- Esperance- Hope
Ellis- Huic habeo non tibi- I hold it for him, not for thee
Ellis- Spectemur agendo- Let us be viewed by our actions
Ellis- Vincit qui se vincit- He conquers who conquers himself
Ellis- Wath ein fferwyth yr adnabyddir- We are known according to our actions
Ellis- Wrth ein ffrwythan ein hadnabyddir- Let us be seen by our actions
Ellison- Spem sequimur- We follow hope
Elmsall- Amicta vitibus ulmo- An elm covered with vine
Elmsley- Prenez garde- Take care
Elphingston- Sedulitate- By diligence
Elphinston- Do well and let them say- Do well and let them say
Elphinston- In utroque paratus- Prepared in either case
Elphinstone- Cause caused it- Cause caused it
Elphinstone- Firmè- Resolutely
Elphinstone- Moneo et munio- I advise and defend
Elphinstone- Non vi, sed virtute- Not by violence, but by virtue
Elrick- Dum spiro spero- While I have breath I hope
Elton- Artibus et armis- By arts and arms
Elvin- Elvenaca floreat vitis- May the vine of Elvion flourish
Elvin- Spectemur agendo- Let us be viewed by our actions
Elwood- Fide et sedulitate- With faith and diligence
Ely- Loyal à mort- Loyal to death
Ely- Prend moi tel que je suis- Take me as I am
Emeris- Emeritus- I have served my country
Emerson-Tennent- Deus protector noster- God is my protector
Emery- Fidelis et suavis- Faithful and gentle
Emline- Honestum proetulit utili- He has preferred honour to profit
Emsley- Prenez garde- Take care
Emslie- Prenez garde- Take care
Emys- Serpentes velut et columboe- As serpents and doves
Enery- Sans changer- Without changing
Entwisle- Par ce signe à Azincourt- By this sign at Azincourt
Erisby- Auxilio Dei- By the help of God
Erne- God send grace- God send grace
Errington- Virtus- Virtue
Errol- Serva jugum- Keep the yoke
Erskin- In Domino confido- I trust in the Lord
Erskine- Ausim et confido- I am brave and confident
Erskine- Decori decus addit avito- He adds honour to that of his ancestors
Erskine- Fortitudine- With fortitude
Erskine- In Domino confido- I trust in the Lord
Erskine- Judge not- Judge not
Erskine- Judge nought- Judge nought
Erskine- Perspicax, audax- Quickwitted, bold
Erskine- Think well- Think well
Erskine- Trial by jury- Trial by jury
Erskine- Veillant et vaillant- Watchful and valiant
Erth- Audax- Bold
Erwin- Lock sick- Be sure
Escotts- I make sure- I make sure
Esmond- Malo mori quam foedari- I would rather die than be disgraced
Espinasse- Non eget integer- The pure of life wants not
Essex- Fide et fortitudine- With faith and fortitude
Eters- Gloria virtutis umbra- Glory is the shadow of virtue, i.e. its constant attendant
Ethelston- Dat et sumit Deus- God giveth and taketh away
Ethiopia- Vivit Leo de Tribu Juda- The Lion of the Tribe of Judah lives
Eton- Cur me persequeris- Why persecutest thou me?
Eure- Artis vel Martis- By skill or valour
Eustace- Cur me persequeris- Why persecutest thou me?
Eustace- Soli Deo gloria- Glory be to God alone
Evans- Certum pete finem- Aim at a sure end
Evans- Libertas- Liberty
Evans- Pro libertate patrioe- For the liberty of my country
Evelick- Recta vel ardua- Upright even (when) difficult
Evelyn- Dureté- Hardness
Everard- Say and do- Say and do
Everett- Festina lente- Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, "On slow."
Evers- Fuimus- We have been
Evers- Pour jamais- For ever
Every- Suum cuique- To every man his own
Ewart- Abest timor- Fear is absent
Ewen- Audaciter- Boldly
Exeter- Cor unun,via una- One heart, one way
Exeter- Vi nullâ invertitur ordo- Our order is not overthrown by any violence
Exmouth- Algiers- Algiers
Exmouth- Deo adjuvante- With God assisting
Eyre- Loeti acie florent- They flourish joyful in their keenness of mind
Eyre- Neminem metue innocens- Being innocent fear no one
Eyre- Si je puis- If I can
Eyre- Virtus sola invicta- Virtue alone is invincible
Eyres - Cor unum via una - One heart one way
Eyrick- Virtus omnia nobilitat- Virtue ennobles all things

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