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Coats of Arms - Surnames and Mottos


Surname - Motto - English Translation
Hacket - Fortitudine et prudentiâ - By fortitude and prudence
Hadden - Suffer - Suffer
Hadderwick - Ne timeas recte faciendo - Fear not when acting right
Haddington - Proesto et persisto - I undertake and I persevere
Haggard - Dux mihi veritas - Truth is my guide
Haggard - Micat inter omnes - He shines amongst all
Haggard - Modeste conabor - I will attempt moderately
Hague - Jam transit hyems - Now winter is passing
Haig - Tyde what may - Tyde what may
Haige - Sola virtus invicta - Virtue alone invincible
Haire - In te, Domine, speravi - In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Hairstanes - Toujours fidèle - Always faithful
Halden - Suffer - Suffer
Hales - Vis unita fortior - Strength united is the more powerful
Halford - Mutas inglorius artes - (To exercise) unambitious of glory, the silent arts
Halford - Virtus in actione consistit - Virtue consists in action
Haliburton - Majora sequor - I pursue greater objects
Halkerston - In ardua nitor - I contend against difficulties
Halket - Fides sufficit - Faith sufficeth
Halket - Honestè vivo - I live honestly
Halket - Honesto vivo - I live by honesty
Halkett - Fides sufficit - Faith sufficeth
Halkett - Honestè vivo - I live honestly
Hall - Aut pax aut bellum - Either peace or war
Hall - Comitate quam viribus - By mildness rather than force
Hall - Finem respice - Consider the end
Hall - Fortitudine - With fortitude
Hall - Per ardua ad alta - Through straits to heights
Hall - Remember and forget not - Remember and forget not
Hall - Turpiter desperatur - Despaired is base
Halliday - Quarta saluti - The fourth to health
Hallyday - Virtute parta - Acquired by virtue
Halsey - Nescit vox missa reverti - When a word is once spoken it cannot be recalled
Halyburton - Watch well - Watch well
Hambrough - Foresight - Foresight
Hambrough - Honestum utili proer - Prefer the honourable to the agreeable
Hamburgh Merchants - Dieu nous aventure donne bonne - May God give us good fortune
Hamerton - Fixus adversa sperno - Firm I despise adversity
Hamilton - Addunt robur - They give strength
Hamilton - Addunt robur stirpi - They add strength to the stock
Hamilton - Adest prudenti animus - Courage belongs to the prudent
Hamilton - Et arma et virtus - Both arms and virtue
Hamilton - Et neglecta virescit - Even though neglected, it flourishes
Hamilton - Faithfulin adversity - Faithful in adversity
Hamilton - Fideliter - Faithfully
Hamilton - Fortiter qui fidè - He acts bravely, who acts faithfully
Hamilton - Honestum pro patriâ - What is honourable for my country
Hamilton - I gain by hazard - I gain by hazard
Hamilton - I'll deceive no man - I'll deceive no man
Hamilton - Immersabilis - Not to be overwhelmed
Hamilton - In arduis fortitudo - Fortitude in adversity
Hamilton - In via virtuti pervia - In the road which is accessible to valour
Hamilton - Invia virtuti pervia - Pathless ways may be trodden by valour
Hamilton - J'espère - I hope
Hamilton - Jamais arrière - Never behind
Hamilton - Littora specto - I view the shores
Hamilton - No heart more true - No heart more true
Hamilton - Non deficit - He is not wanting
Hamilton - Non metuo - I do not fear
Hamilton - Non mutat genus solum - Country does not change the race
Hamilton - Obsequio non viribus - By courtesy not by force
Hamilton - Ore lego, corde credo - I read with my face (i.e. eyes), I believe with my heart
Hamilton - Per varios casus - By various fortunes
Hamilton - Proetando proesto - By standing prominent I excel; or while I promise I perform
Hamilton - Prest, et, Prest - Ready, ay, ready
Hamilton - Qualis ab incepto - The same as from the beginning
Hamilton - Quos dedit arcus armor - The bow which love gave
Hamilton - Requiesco sub umbra - I rest under the shade
Hamilton - Ride through - Ride through
Hamilton - Sail through - Sail through
Hamilton - Semper virescens - Always flourishing
Hamilton - Sola nobilitat virtus - Virtue alone ennobles
Hamilton - Tam virtus quam honos - As well virtue as honour
Hamilton - Tam virtute quam labore - As much by virtue as by exertion
Hamilton - Tandem fit arbor - As last it becomes a tree
Hamilton - Through - Through
Hamilton - Through God revived - Through God revived
Hamilton - Ubique fidelis - Everywhere faithful
Hamilton - Virebo - I shall flourish
Hamilton - Viridis et fructifera - Verdant and fruitful
Hamilton - Dum in arborem - Until grown into a tree
Hamlet - Deo adjuvcante non timendum - With God assisting we must not fear
Hamlyn - Caute et sedulo - Cautiously and carefully
Hamlyn - Cautus sed strenue - Cautiously, but strenuously
Hammersley - Honore et amore - With honour and love
Hammerton - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Hamond - Paratus et fidelis - Ready and faithful
Hampden - Vestigia nulla retrorsum - No steps backwards
Hampson - Nunc aut nunquam - Now or never
Hampton - A Deo et rege - From God and the king
Hanbury - Nec prece, nec pretio - Neither by entreaty nor reward
Hancocks - Redeem the time - Redeem the time
Handcock - Vigilate et orate - Watch and pray
Handyside - Munifice et fortiter - Bountifully and bravely
Hanford - Memorare novissima - To remember death
Hanger - Artes honorabit - He will do honour to the arts
Hankinson - Vi et animo - By strength and courage
Hanman - Per ardua ad alta - Through straits to heights
Hanmer - Gardez l'honneur - Preserve honour
Hannay - Cresco et spero - I increase and hope
Hannay - Per ardua ad alta - Through straits to heights
Hanrott - Perseverando - By persevering
Hansler - Sapiens qui assiduus - He is wise who is industrious
Hanson - Sola et unica virtus - Virtue alone and without a peer
Hanson - Sola virtus invicta - Virtue alone invincible
Harberon - Virtutis fortuna comes - Fortune is the companion of valour
Harboro - Æquanimiter - With equanimity
Harborough - Hostis honori invidia - Envy is an enemy to honour
Harcourt - Gesta verbis proeveniunt - Their deeds go before their words
Harcourt - Le bon temps viendra - The prosperous time will come
Hardie - Sera deshormais hardi - He will be always courageous
Hardie - Trop hardi - Too bold
Harding - Audax omnia perpeti - Daring (Hardi) to endure all things
Hardinge - Atalanta - Atalanta
Hardinge - Piedmontaise - Piedmontaise
Hardinge - Postera laude recens - Ever fresh in the admiration of posterity
Hardness - Trust in God - Trust in God
Hardwick - Cavendo tutus - Safe by being cautious
Hardwicke - Nec cupias, nec metuas - Neither desire nor fear
Hare - In Deo fides, lux in tenebris - Faith in God is light in darkness
Hare - Non videri, sed esse - Not to seem, but to be
Hare - Odi profanum - I hate whatever is profane
Hare - Salus per Christum - Salvation through Christ
Harewood - In solo Deo salus - Salvation is in God alone
Hargreaves - Fortitudine et prudentiâ - By fortitude and prudence
Hargreaves - Vincit amor patrioe - The love of my country exceeds everything
Harland - Constanter in ardua - With constancy against difficulties
Harland - Constantia in ardua - Perseverance against difficulty
Harland - Per juga, per fluvios - Through precipices and torrents
Harland - Periculum fortitudine evasi - I have escaped danger by fortitude
Harley - Virtute et fide - By valour and faith
Harnage - Deo duce decrevi - Under God's direction I have determined
Harnage - Fide et fiducia - By fidelity and confidence
Harper - Sibi quisque dat - Every one gives to himself
Harper - Te Deum laudamus - We praise thee, O God
Harries - Integritas semper tutamen - Integrity is always a safe-guard
Harries - Dominus dedit - The Lord hath given
Harrington - A Deo et rege - From God and the king
Harrington - Nodo firmo - In a firm knot
Harris - In medio tutissimus ibis - Thou wilt go safest in the middle
Harris - Kur, deu, res, pub, tra - For God and the commonwealth
Harris - My prince and my country - My prince and my country
Harris - Pro aris - For our altars
Harris - Republique - The commonwealth
Harris - Sola et unica virtus - Virtue alone and without a peer
Harris - Sola virtus invicta - Virtue alone invincible
Harris - Ubique patriam reminisci - Everywhere to remember one's country
Harris - Virtute et opera - By virtue and energy
Harrison - Deo non fortunâ - By Providence, not by fortune
Harrison - Ferendo et feriendo - By bearing and striking
Harrison - Invictus arduis - Unconquered in difficulties
Harrison - Victus in arduis - Conquered in difficulties, or "Their abode is in steep places," referring to the eagles in the arms
Harrison - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Harrison - Vite, courageux, fier - Swift, courageous, proud
Harrowby - Servata fides cineri - The promise made to the ashes (i.e. of the departed) has been kept
Hart - Coeur fidèle - A faithful heart
Hart - Deo adjuvante vincam - God helping I shall conquer
Hart - Parat usum - It prepares to use it
Hart - Qui perde la foye n'a plus de perfre - Who loses faith has no more to lose
Hart - Via una cor unum - One way one heart
Hartbury - Nisi Dominus - Except the Lord
Hartcup - A coeur vaillant rien impossible - To a valiant heart nothing is impossible
Harter - Deo omnia - All things to God
Hartley - Vive ut vivas - Live that you may live
Hartwell - Sorte sua contentus - Content with his lot
Harty - Malo mori quam foedari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Harvey - Alteri, si tibi - To another, if to myself
Harvey - Dieppe - Dieppe
Harvey - Fides non timet - Faith fears not
Harvey - Omne bene - All's well
Harvey - Omnia bene - All's well
Harvey - Orthes - Orthes
Harvey - Recte faciendo neminem timeas - In acting justly fear no one
Harvey - Redoubtable et Fougueux - Formidable and Fiery
Harvey - Rosario - For services at that place
Harvey - Servate fidem cineri - Keep the promise made to the ashes of your forefathers
Harvey - Temeraire - Rash
Harvey - Trafalgar - Trafalgar
Harvie - Delectat et ornat - It is both pleasing and ornamental
Harwood - Generosus et paratus - Generous and prepared
Hasler - Qui nucleum vult nucem frangat - Let him break the nut who wants the kernel
Hassard - Vise en espoir - Look forward in hope
Hastie - Pro patria - For my country
Hastings - Et nos quoque tela sparsimus - And we also have hurled our javelins
Hastings - In veritate victoria - Victory is in truth
Hastings - Justitoe tenax - Persevering in justice
Hastings - Vincit veritas - Truth conquers
Hatch - Fortis valore et armis - Strong in courage and arms
Hatfield - Paulatim - By little and little
Hatherton - UngDieu et ung roy - One God and one king
Hathorn - Suffibulatus majores sequor - Being buckled, I follow my ancestors, i.e. Having buckled on my arms I follow the example of my ancestors
Hatton - Pax - Peace
Hatton - Virtus tutissima cassis - Virtue is the safest helmet
Havelock - Fideliter - Faithfully
Havergal - Scite, citissime, certe - I use it skilfully, most swiftly, surely
Hawaeden - Virtute securus - Safe by virtue
Hawdon - Ferio, tego - I strike, I defend
Hawke - Strike - Strike
Hawker - Accipiter proedam sequitur , nos gloriam - The hawk seeks prey, we (seek) glory
Hawkins - Alienus ambitioni - Averse to ambition
Hawkins - Nil oequo plus - Nothing more than my due
Hawkins - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Hawkins - Proestò et proestò - Ready and ready, i.e. I perform
Hawkins - Pro Deo et rege - For God and the king
Hawkins - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Hawkswell - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Hawley - Et suivez moi - And follow me
Hawley - Suivez moi - Follow me
Hawthorne - Stabo - I shall stand
Hawtin - Honor virtutis proemium - Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Hawtyn - Honor virtutis proemium - Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Haxton - Resurgo - I rise again
Hay - Diligentia fit ubertas - Plenty is caused by diligence
Hay - Dread God - Dread God
Hay - Fert lauream fides - Faith bears the laurel
Hay - Hinc honor et opes - Hence honour and wealth
Hay - Hinc incrementum - Hence comes increase
Hay - Malum bono vince - Subdue evil by good
Hay - Nec abest jugum - Nor is a yoke wanting
Hay - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Hay - Primus è stirpe - The first from the stock
Hay - Pro patria - For my country
Hay - Renovate animos - Renew your courage
Hay - Revocate animos - Rouse your courage
Hay - Serva jugum - Keep the yoke
Hay - Serva jugum sub jugo - Keep the yoke under the yoke
Hay - Spare nought - Spare nought
Hay - Speravi in Domino - I have placed my hope in the Lord
Hay - Valet et vulnerat - It is strong, and it wounds
Hay - Venture and gain - Venture and gain
Hayes - Audaces fortuna juvat - Fortune favours the bold
Hayes - Dieu me conduise - God guide me!
Hayman - Coelum, non solum - Heaven, not earth
Haynes - Velis et remis - With sails and oars
Hayter - Via vi - A way by force
Hazlerigge - Pro aris et focis - For our altars and our homes
Head - Study quiet - Study quiet
Headfort - Consequitur quodcunque petit - He hits whatever he aims at
Headley - Virtute et labore - By valour and exertion
Headress - In silentio fortitudo - Courage in silence
Heald - Mea gloria crux - The cross is my glory
Heard - Naufragus in portum - Shipwrecked I got into haven
Hearne - Lege juraque servat - He observes the laws and statutes
Heart - Fide et amore - By fidelity and love
Heath - Espère mieux - Hope for better
Heathcote - Deus prosperat justos - God prospers the just
Heathcote - Fac et spera - Do and hope
Heaton - Aut pax aut bellum - Either peace or war
Heaton - Er codiad y caera - From the foundation of the fortress
Hebbert - Clarescam - I shall become bright
Hebbert - Tenax et fidus - Persevering and faithful
Hebden - Re et merito - By reality and merit
Heber - Prest d' accomplier - Ready to accomplish
Heddle - Virtute et labore - By valour and exertion
Heignie - Firmè dum fide - Firmly while faithfully
Helham - Naturoe minister - A servant of nature
Helme - Cassis tutissima virtus - Virtue is the safest helmet
Helyer - In labore quies - In labour is rest, i.e. obtained by it
Hemming - Ad oethera virtus - Virtue to heaven
Hemsworth - Manus hoec inimica tyrannis - This hand is hostile to tyrants
Henderson - Sic cuncta caduca - All things are thus unstable
Henderson - Sola virtus nobilitat - Virtue alone ennobles
Henderson - Virtus nobilitat - Virtue ennobles
Heneage - Toujours firme - Always firm
Henerison - Virtus sola nobilitat - Virtue alone ennobles
Henley - Perseverando - By persevering
Henley - Si sit prudentia - If there be prudence
Henley - Sola et unica virtus - Virtue alone and without a peer
Henn - Gloria Deo! - Glory to God
Hennidge - Deo duce - God my guide
Henniker - Deus major columnâ - God is stronger than a column
Henry - Fideliter - Faithfully
Henry VIII - Altera securitas - Another security
Henry VIII - Merci, fortune - Thank you, fortune
Henry VIII - Oblier ne puis - I cannot forget
Henshaw - Per ardua stabilis - Firm in adversity
Henslowe - Obsequens non servilis - Courteous not servile
Henville - Virtus vera nobilitas - Virtue is true nobility
Henzey - Seigneur, je te prie garde ma vie - Lord, I beseech thee save my life
Hepburn - Keep traist - Keep traist
Hepburn - Keep tryst - Keep tryst
Hepburn - Multa in parvo - Much in little
Hepburn - Virtute et prudentiâ - By virtue and prudence
Hepburn - Domum antiquam redintegrare - To resuscitate an ancient house
Heppesley - Non sibi, sed patrioe - Not for himself, but for his country
Hepworth - Loyal à mort - Loyal to death
Her most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria - Dieu et mon droit - God and my right
Herbert - Asgre lan diogel ei phercen - A good conscience is the best shield
Herbert - Constantia et fortitudine - By constancy and fortitude
Herbert - Fortitudine et prudentiâ - By fortitude and prudence
Herbert - Ung je servirai - One will I serve
Hereford - Basis virtutum constantia - Constancy is the foundation of all virtue
Hereford - Invicta fidelitas proemium - The reward of invincible fidelity
Hereford - Virtutis comes invidia - Envy is the companion of virtue
Heriot - Fortem posce animum - Wish for a strong mind
Heriot - True and trusty - True and trusty
Herklott - Ferio, tego - I strike, I defend
Hern - By valour - By valour
Herne - Servare modum - To keep the mean
Herne - Usque ad aras - Even to the altars
Heron - Ardua petit ardea - The heron seeks high places
Heron - By valour - By valour
Heron - Hastings - Hastings
Heron - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Herrick - Virtus omnia nobilitat - Virtue ennobles all things
Herries - Revertite - Return ye
Herschel - Coelis exploratis - For the heavens explored
Hertford - Fide et amore - By fidelity and love
Hervey - Je n'oublierai jamais - I will never forget
Hervie - Hinc orior - Hence I rise
Hesketh - In Deo mea spes - My hope is in God
Hesse - Sapere aude, et tace - Dare to be wise, and hold your tongue
Hewatt - Post tenebras lux - After darkness light
Hewetson - Let them talk - Let them talk
Hewett - Ne tequoesiveris extra - Seek nothing beyond your sphere
Hewitson - Non timeo, sed caveo - I fear not, but am cautious
Hewitt - Be just, and fear not - Be just, and fear not
Hewitt - Dum vivimus, vivamus - While we live let us live
Hewitt - En pure foi - In pure faith
Hewitt - Ne tequoesiveris extra - Seek nothing beyond your sphere
Hewitt - Une pure foi - A pure faith
Hewson - Non lumen effugio - I shun not the light
Heyes - Faire sans dire - To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Heygate - Boulogne et Cadiz - Boulogne et Cadiz
Heyrick - Virtus omnia nobilitat - Virtue ennobles all things
Heytesbury - Grandescunt aucta labore - The acquirements of industry render illustrious
Heywood - Alte volo - I fly aloft
Hibbert - Fidem rectam qui colendo - Who by cultivating right faith
Hickman - Stemmata quid faciunt? - What avail pedigrees?
Hickman - Toujours fidèle - Always faithful
Hicks - Benigno Numine - By benign providence
Hicks - Tout bien ou rien - All well or nothing
Hicks - Toute en bon heure - All in good time
Hickson - Fide et fortitudine - With faith and fortitude
Hide - Deus nobis hoec otia fecit - God hath given us this tranquility
Higga - Peace - Peace
Higginbottom - Ubique fecundat imber - Everywhere the rain fertilizes
Higgins - Nihil quod obstat virtuti - Nothing which is opposed to virtue
Higgins - Patriam hinc sustinet - Hence he sustains his country
Higgins - Pro patria - For my country
Higginson - Malo mori quam foedari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Hil - Veritas superabit - Truth will conquer
Hill - Avancez - Advance
Hill - Candide me fides - You will trust me favourably
Hill - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Hill - Esto - Be it so
Hill - Fidelis - Faithful
Hill - Ne tenta vel perfice - Attempt not or accomplish
Hill - Ne tentes aut perfice - Attempt not or accomplish
Hill - Per Deum et ferrum obtinui - By God and my sword have I prevailed
Hill - Qui uti scit ei bona - Be wealth to him who knows how to use it
Hill - Sola nobilitat virtus - Virtue alone ennobles
Hill - Spe labor levis - Hope makes labour light
Hillary - Virtuti nihil invium - Nothing is impervious to valour
Hillasdon - Suivez raison - Follow reason
Hills - Fides montium Deo - The trust of the Hills is in God
Hills - In coelo confidemus - We will trust in heaven
Hilton - Tant que je puis - As much as I can
Hincks - In cruce et lachrymis spes est - There is hope in the cross and in tears
Hind - Fortis et fidelis - Brave and faithful
Hinde - Miseris succurrere disco - I learn to succour the unfortunate
Hinde - Nisi Dominus frustra - It is vain without the Lord
Hinde - Tutum te robore reddam - I will make thee safe by my strength
Hindmarsh - Nil nisi patria - Nothing without one's country
Hinds - Dei omnia plena - All things are full of God
Hine - Honesta quam splendida - Honour rather than splendour
Hine - Post tot naufragia portum - After so many shipwrecks a haven
Hippisley - Amicitioe virtutisque foedus - The league of friendship and virtue
Hippisley - Non mihi, sed Deo et regi - Not for myself, but for my country
Hislop - Deckan - Deckan
Hislop - Madripore - Madripore
Hitch - Avi numerantur avorum - A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Hives - Industria et probitate - By industry and probity
Hoare - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Hoare - In ardua - On high
Hoare - Venit hora - The hour comes
Hobart - Auctor pretiosa facit - The Giver makes them valuable
Hobhouse - Mutare sperno - I scorn to change
Hobhouse - Spes vitoe medioris - Spes vitoe medioris
Hoblyn - Sub libertate quietem - Rest under liberty
Hobson - Fortitudine - With fortitude
Hockin - Hoc in loco Deus rupes - Here God is a rock
Hodder - Per ignem ferris vicimus - Even through fire have we conquered with our sword
Hodges - Dant lucem crescentibus orti - Rising from crescents they give light
Hodges - Mala proevisa pereunt - Evils foreseen are destroyed
Hodges - Posce teipsum - Ask thyself
Hodges - Proevisa mala pereunt - Foreseen misfortunes perish
Hodgeson - Metuo secundis - I am fearful in prosperity
Hodgetts - Confido conquiesco - I trust and am contented
Hodgkinson - Sans Dieu rien - Without God nothing
Hodgson - Dread God - Dread God
Hodgson - Ferant mea serta columboe - Let doves bear my garland
Hodgson - Miseris succurrere disco - I learn to succour the unfortunate
Hodilow - Cole credeque Deum - Worship and believe God
Hodson - Pax et amor - Peace and love
Hoffman - Tiens à la vérité - Adhere to truth
Hog - Dat gloria vires - Glory gives strength
Hogart - Sans peur - Without fear
Hogarth - Candor dat viribus alas - Truth gives wings to strength
Hogg - Dat gloria vires - Glory gives strength
Hogue - Dat gloria vires - Glory gives strength
Holburne - Decus summum virtus - Virtue is the highest honour
Holburton - Ora et labora - Pray and labour
Holden - Nec sperno, nec timeo - I neither despise nor fear
Holdich - Stet fortuna domus - May the fortune of our house endure
Hole - Honor virtutis proemium - Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Holford - Toujours fidèle - Always faithful
Holland - Et vitam impendere vero - To sacrifice even life to truth
Holland - Fuimus et sub Deo ermus - We have been, and we shall be under God
Holland - Vincit qui se vincit - He conquers who conquers himself
Hollingsworth - Lumen accipe et imperti - Receive the light and communicate it
Hollingsworth - Semper eadem - Always the same
Hollingworth - Disce ferenda pati - Learn to endure what must be borne
Hollis - Spes audaces adjuvat - Hope assists the brave
Hollist - Currendo - By running
Hollist - Gardez le capron - Preserve Capron
Holll - Integritas tuta virus non capti - A safe integrity does not take poison
Holloway - A Deo lux nostra - Our light is from God
Holme - Fide, sed cui vide - Trust, but in whom take care
Holme - Holme semper viret - Holme always flourishes
Holmes - Avito evehor honore - I am exalted or influenced by ancestral honour
Holmes - Justum et tenacem propositi - Just and firm of purpose
Holt - Ut sanem vulnero - I would to heal
Holte - Exaltavit humiles - He hath exalted the humble
Holyoak - Sacra quercus - Holy oak
Homan - Homo sum - I am a man
Home - A Home! A Home! A Home! - A Home! A Home! A Home!
Home - Remember - Remember
Home - Semper verus - Always true
Home - True to the end - True to the end
Home - Virtute ad astra - Through virtue in heaven
Home - Vise à la fin - Look to the end
Homfray - L'homme vrai aime son pays - The true man loves his country
Homfray - Vulneratur, non vincitur - He is wounded, not conquered
Homfray - Vulneror non vincor - I am wounded, not conquered
Homfrey - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Hone - Honesta libertate - By honourable liberty, or Hone support liberty
Honywood - Ches moy - At home
Hood - At spes infracta - Yet my hope is unbroken
Hood - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Hood - Manners makyth man - Manners makyth man
Hood - Olim sic erat - Thus it was formerly
Hood - Sherwoode - Sherwoode
Hood - Steady - Steady
Hood - Ventis secundis - By favourable winds
Hood - Zealous - Zealous
Hooke - Esto quod esse videris - Be what you seem to be
Hooker - Be mindful - Be mindful
Hooper - Deo duce - God my guide
Hooper - Tutamen Deus - God is my defence
Hoops - Amo - I love
Hope - At spes infracta - Yet my hope is unbroken
Hope - At spes non fracta - But hope is not broken
Hope - At spes solamen - Yet hope is my solace
Hope - Spe vires augentur - Our strength is increased by hope
Hope - Spero suspiro donec - While I breathe I hope
Hope - Spes tamen infracta - My hope nevertheless unbroken
Hopetown - At spes non fracta - But hope is not broken
Hopkins - Aut suavitate aut vi - Either by gentleness or by force
Hopkins - Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon - Without God without anything, God is enough
Hopkins - Inter primos - Among the first
Hopkins - Per aspera belli - Through the hardships of war
Hopkirk - Spero procedere - I hope to prosper
Hopper - Subditus fidelis regis est salus regni - A faithful subject of the king is a preserver of the monarchy
Hopson - Vive ut semper vivas - So live that you may live for ever
Hopwood - Gradatim - By degrees
Hordern - Fortiter ac sapienter - Bravely and wisely
Hore - Constanter - With constancy
Horlock - In coelo quies - There is rest in heaven
Horn - Hastings - Hastings
Horn - Monitus, munitus - Forewarned, forearmed
Horn - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Hornby - Crede cornu - Trust the horn, or Trust Hornby
Horne - True - True
Horner - Nitor in adversum - I contend against adversity
Hornsey - Semper eadem - Always the same
Horrocks - Industria et spe - By industry and hope
Horrocks - Spe - By hope
Horsburgh - Ægre de tramite recto - Scarcely from the right path
Hort - Well win, well wear - Well win, well wear
Hoseason - In recto decus - Honour in acting right
Hosken - Vis unita fortior - Strength united is the more powerful
Hoskins - Solus minus solus - Alone, but not alone
Hoskyns - Vincula da linguoe vel tibi lingua dabit - Place restraint on your tongue, or your tongue will place it on you
Hoste - Cattaro - Cattaro
Hoste - Fortitudini - For courage
Hoste - Lissa - Lissa
Hotham - Lead on - Lead on
Houghton - Malgré le tort - Despite of wrong
Houghton - Nobilitat - It ennobles us
Houlton - Remember your oath - Remember your oath
Houlton - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Houston - Do well and doubt not - Do well and doubt not
Houston - In time - In time
How - Justus et propositi tenax - Just and firm of purpose
How - Ut cunque placuerit Deo - Howsoever it shall have pleased God
Howales - Fortune le veut - Fortune so wills it
Howard - Abstulit qui dedit - He who gave hath taken away
Howard - Certum pete finem - Aim at a sure end
Howard - Inservi Deo et loetare - Serve God and rejoice
Howard - Sola virtus invicta - Virtue alone invincible
Howard - Virtus mille scuta - Virtue equals a thousand shields
Howard - Volo non valeo - I am willing but unable
Howard De Walden - Non quo, sed quo modo - Not for whom, but in what manner
Howden - Betrayed, not conquered - Betrayed, not conquered
Howden - Caradoc - Caradoc
Howden - Traditus, non victus - Betrayed, not conquered
Howdon - Ferio, tego - I strike, I defend
Howe - Let Curzon hold what Curzon held - Let Curzon hold what Curzon held
Howe - Semper verus - Always true
Howe - Ut cunque placuerit Deo - Howsoever it shall have pleased God
Howell - Perseverando - By persevering
Howes - Stat fortuna domûs - The fortune of the house remains
Howett - Animo et prudentiâ - By courage and prudence
Howie - Hinc orior - Hence I rise
Howison - Sursum corda - Hearts upwards
Howlastone - Dulcedine capior - I am captivated by sweetness
Howman - Labile quod opportunum - That which is opportune is quickly gone, or opportunity soon slips by
Howson - Ad finem fidelis - Faithful to the end
Howth - Qui pense? - Who thinks?
Hoyle - Æquam servare mentem - To preserve an equal mind
Hoyle - Facta non verba - Deeds not words
Hubbard - Cave lupum - Beware the wolf
Huddart - Fear God - Fear God
Huddleston - Soli Deo honor et gloria - Honour and glory be to God alone
Huddlestone - Ingenio et viribus - By skill and strength
Hugar - Ubi libertas ibi patria - Where liberty prevails there is my country
Hughan - E mare - From the sea
Hughes - A fyno duw a fydd - What God willeth will be
Hughes - Duw a darpar ir brain - God provides for the crows
Hughes - Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon - Without God without anything, God is enough
Hughes - Kymmer-yn Lydeirnon - Kymmer-yn Lydeirnon
Hughes - Semper vigilans - Always watchful
Hughes - Verus amor patrioe - The true love of country
Hughes - Virtutis fortuna comes - Fortune is the companion of valour
Hughes - Y cyfiawn sydd hy megis llew - The righteous is bold like a lion
Hughes - Ysgwyd - A shield
Huiton - Odor vitoe - The sweet breath of life
Hulburn - Decus summum virtus - Virtue is the highest honour
Hulton - Mens flecti nescia - A mind that cannot be bent
Hume - Perseverance - Perseverance
Hume - True to the end - True to the end
Humfrey - Sic olim - So hereafter
Humphreys - Optima sperando spiro - By hoping for the best I breathe
Hungerford - Et Dieu mon appui - And God my support
Hunt - Cor nobyle, cor immobyle - A heart noble, a mind determined
Hunter - Arte et Marte - By skill and valour
Hunter - Arte non impetu - By skill not force
Hunter - Cursum perficio - I accomplish the race
Hunter - Dieu defend le droit - God defends the right
Hunter - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Hunter - in cornu salutem spero - I trust to the horn for safety
Hunter - Vigilantia, robur, voluptas - Vigilance, strength, pleasure
Hunt-Grubbe - Justus et tenax - Just and firm
Huntingdon - Honorantes me honorabo - I will honour those who honour me
Huntingdon - In veritate victoria - Victory is in truth
Huntingfield - Droit et loyal - Just and loyal
Huntley - Je voil droit avoir - I will have right
Huntly - Stant coetera tigno - The rest stand on a beam
Hurley - Dextra cruce vincit - His right hand conquers with the cross
Hurry - Sans tache - Without satin
Hurst - Vi et virtute - By strength and valour
Hurt - Mane proedam, vespere spolium - Game in the morning and a feast at night
Husdell - Trust in God - Trust in God
Huskinson - Spes alit agricolam - Hope nourishes the farmer
Huskisson - Ut secura quies - That the rest (may be) safe
Hussey - Cor immobile - A steadfast heart
Hussey - Cor nobyle, cor immobyle - A heart noble, a mind determined
Hussey - Hindostan - Hindostan
Hussey - Ut tibi sic aliis - As to yourself so to others
Hussey - Vix ea nostra voco - I scarce call these things our own
Hustler - Aut nunquam tentes aut perfice - Either never attempt or accomplish
Hustwick - Opera Dei mirifica - The works of God are wonderful
Hutchins - Courage à la mort - Courage till death
Hutchinson - Coelestia canimus - We sing (of) heavenly gates
Hutchinson - Cunctanter tamen fortiter - Slowly yet resolutely
Hutchinson - Fortiter, Fideliter, feliciter - Boldly, faithfully, successfully
Hutchinson - Fortiter gerit crucem - He bravely supports the cross
Hutchinson - Memor esto - Be mindful
Hutchinson - Nihil humani alienum - Nothing relating to man is foreign to me
Hutchinson - Sapiens dominabitur astris - A wise man will govern the stars
Hutchinson - Sursum - Upwards
Hutchison - Surgam - I shall rise
Hutchon - Fortis est veritas - Truth is strong
Huth - Animus, non res - Mind, not circumstance
Hutton - Spero - I hope
Hutton - Spiritus gladius - The sword of the Spirit
Huxley - In Deo omnia - In God are all things
Hyatt - Fac et spera - Do and hope
Hyde - De vivis nil nisi verum - Of the living speak nothing but what is true
Hyde - Soyez ferme - Be firm
Hyett - Cor immobile - A steadfast heart
Hyndman - True as the dial to the sun - True as the dial to the sun

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