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Surname - Motto - English Translation
Jack - Post nubila - After clouds
Jack - Post nubila Phoebus - After clouds sunshine
Jackson - Celer et audax - Quick and bold
Jackson - Devant si je puis - Foremost if I can
Jackson - Dominus fecit - The Lord hath done it
Jackson - Fortiter, Fideliter, feliciter - Boldly, faithfully, successfully
Jackson - Innocentia securus - Secure in innocence
Jackson - Malo mori quam foedari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Jackson - Sublimiora peto - I seek higher things
Jackson - Virescit virtus - Virtue flourishes
Jacob - Non nobis solum - Not for ourselves alone
Jacob - Parta tueri - Defend your acquisitions
Jacob - Tantum in superbos - Only against the proud
Jadewine - Robur in vita Deus - God is our strength in life
Jaffray - Post nubila Phoebus - After clouds sunshine
Jaffrey - Post nubila Phoebus - After clouds sunshine
James - A jamais - For ever
James - Beati pacifici - Blessed are the peace-makers
James - Deo semper confido - In God I trust ever
James - Deus alit eos - God feeds them
James - Eamus qup ducit fortuna - Let us go where fortune leads
James - Ffyddlon at y gorfin - Faithful to the end
James - Fide et constantia - By fidelity and constancy
James - J'aime à jamais - I love for ever
James - J'ayme à jamais - I love for ever
James - Malgré le tort - Despite of wrong
James - Nosce teipsum - Know thyself
James - Pro Deo, patriâ, et rege - For God, my country, and my king
James - Victor - Conqueror
James - Vincit amor patrioe - The love of my country exceeds everything
Jameson - Sine metu - Without fear
Jamieson - Ad littora tendit - It makes for the shore
Jane Seymour 3rd wife of Henry VIII - Bound to obey and serve - Bound to obey and serve
Janssen - En vain espère, qui ne craint Dieu - He hopes in vain, who fears not God
Jardin - Cave! Adsum - Beware! I am present
Jardin - Ex virtute honos - Honour from virtue
Jardine - Cave! Adsum - Beware! I am present
Jarrett - Res non verba - Facts not words
Jary - Mens conscia recti - A mind conscious of rectitude
Jebb - Spe et labore - By hope and exertion
Jedburgh - Strenuè et prosperè - Earnestly and successfully
Jefferay - Je feray ce que je diray - I'll do what I say
Jefferson - A cruce salus - Salvation from the cross
Jeffreys - Supra spem spero - I hope beyond hope
Jemmett - Inter utrumque tenen - Keep between the two
Jenkins - Nagpore - Commemorative of services at that place
Jenkins - Perge sed caute - Advance but cautiously
Jenkins - Seetabuldee - Seetabuldee
Jenkinson - Pareo, non servo - I am obedient, not servile
Jenner - In pretium persevero - I persevere for my reward
Jennings - Conservabo ad mortem - I will preserve it till death
Jennings - Il buon tempo verra - Bright days will come
Jennings - Ut prosim aliis - That I may be of use to others
Jennings - Y blaidd nid ofnaf - I fear not the wolf
Jenyns - Ignavis nunquam - Never for the idle
Jephson - Loyalment je sers - I serve loyally
Jephson - Veritas magna est - Truth is great
Jermyn - Nec ab oriente, nec ab occidente - Neither from the east nor from the west
Jerningham - Abstulit qui dedit - He who gave hath taken away
Jerrney - Deus minhi providebit - God will provide for me
Jersey - Fidei coticula crux - The cross is the test of truth
Jervis - Thus - Thus
Jervis - Venale nec auro - Not to be bought with gold
Jervoise - Virtutis proemium laus - Praise is the prize of virtue
Jesham - Manu forti - With a strong hand
Jesson - Consilii taciturnitas nutrix - Silence is the nurse of counsel
Jessop - Pax et amor - Peace and love
Jex-Blake - Beneproeparatum pectus - A heart well prepared
Joass - Cogit amor - Love compels
Jobling - For my country - For my country
Jocelyn - Faire mon devoir - To do my duty
Jodrell - Non sibi, sed patrioe natus - Not born for himself, but for his country
Johnes - Deus pascit corvos - God feeds the ravens
Johnson - Deo regique debeo - I owe duty to God and the king
Johnson - Deo regique liber - Free to serve God and the king
Johnson - Fugite fures fures omnes - Fly all ye thieves
Johnson - New Ross - New Ross
Johnson - Nunquam non paratus - Never unprepared
Johnson - Onus sub honore - There is a burthen to sustain under honour
Johnson - Paratus ad arma - Prepared for war
Johnson - Securior qui paratior - The better prepared the more secure
Johnson - Servabo fidem - I will keep the faith
Johnson - Sol clarior astro - The sun is brighter than a star
Johnson - Vicisti et vivimus - Thou hast conquered and we survive
Johnson - Vigilans - Watchful
Johnston - Assiduitate - By assiduity
Johnston - Cave, paratus - Prepared, be cautious
Johnston - Securior qui paratior - The better prepared the more secure
Johnston - Sine fraude fides - Faith without deceit
Johnston - Sine fraude fides - Faith without deceit
Johnston - Vive ut postea vivas - So live that you may live hereafter
Johnstone - Ad arma paratus - Prepared for arms
Johnstone - Appropinquat dies - The day is at hand
Johnstone - I make sure - I make sure
Johnstone - Nunquam non paratus - Never unprepared
Johnstone - Semper paratus - Always prepared
Johnstone - Speed - Speed
Jolliffe - Tant que je puis - As much as I can
Jones - Asgre lan diogel ei phercen - A good conscience is the best shield
Jones - Da a fydd - God will come
Jones - Deo adjuvante - God aiding
Jones - Deum cole, regem serva - Worship God, revere the king
Jones - Deus fortitudo mea - God is my strength
Jones - Deus pascit corvos - God feeds the ravens
Jones - Esto sol testis - Let the sun be witness
Jones - Frangas non flectes - Thou may'st break, but shalt not bend me
Jones - Heb Dduw heb ddim, Duw a digon - Without God without anything, God is enough
Jones - Heb nefol nerth, nid sicr saeth - Without heavenly aid no arrow is sure
Jones - Integritate et fortitudine - By integrity and bravery
Jones - Look to the past - Look to the past
Jones - Marte et arte - By valour and skill
Jones - Mors mihi lucrum - Death is gain to me
Jones - Netherlands - Netherlands
Jones - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Jones - Pawb yn ol ei arfer - Every one after his custom
Jones - Pro patriâ et rege - For my country and king
Jones - Sine numine nihilum - Nothing without the divinity
Jones - Spe posteri temporis - In hope of the latter time
Jones - Till then thus - Till then thus
Jones - Vince malum bono - Overcome evil by good
Jones - Virtutis proemium felicitas - Happiness the reward of virtue
Jones - Dum spiro coelestia spero - While I have breath I hope heavenly things
Jordan - Arte non vi - By skill not force
Jordan - Percussa resurgo - Being struck down I rise again
Jornlin - Fais bien, crains rien - Do well, fear nothing
Joseph - Fratres habitent inter se concordes - Let brethren dwell together in unity
Jossey - Je voys - I see
Jossey - Manuque - And by the hand
Jove - Jovis omnia plena - All things are full of
Jowett - Animo et prudentiâ - By courage and prudence
Joy - Pro patriâ ejusque libertate - For my country and its freedom
Joy - Vive la joye - Joy for ever
Joyce - Mors, aut honorabilis vita - Death, or life with honour
Justice - Non sine causa - Not without a cause

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