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Surname - Motto - English Translation
Nabbs - Plus ultra - More beyond
Nafleur - Patientia vincit - Patience conquers
Nagle - Inimicus inimico - Hostile to an enemy
Nagle - Non vox, sed votum - Not the voice, but the wish
Nairn - Líesperance me comfort - Hope comforts me
Nairn - Sero sed serie - Late but in earnest
Nairn - Spes ultra - Hope is beyond
Nairne - Líesperance me comfort - Hope comforts me
Nairne - Plus ultra - More beyond
Napair - Sans tache - Without satin
Napier - Absque dedecore - Without stain
Napier - Fides servata secundat - Tried fidelity makes prosperous
Napier - Nil veretur veritas - Truth fears nothing
Napier - Patientia vincit - Patience conquers
Napier - Ready, aye, ready - Ready, aye, ready
Napier - Regarde bien - Look carefully
Napier - Sans tache - Without satin
Napier - Usque fidelis - Always faithful
Napier - Vincit veritas - Truth conquers
Napier - Virtute gloria parta - Glory is obtained by valour
Nash - In utroque fidelis - Faithful in either case
Nash - Omnia vincit veritas - Truth conquers all things
Nasmyth - Non arte sed Marte - Not by science but by war
Nassau - Spes durat avorum - The hope of my ancestors endures
Nassu - Ne supra modum sapere - Be not over wise
Naughten - I hope in God - I hope in God
Neasmith - Marte non Arte - By arms not art
Neate - In Deo mea spes - My hope is in God
Neave - Industria permanente - By unremitting industry
Neave - Sola proba quúe honesta - Those things only are good which are honourable
Needham - Nunc aut nunquam - Now or never
Neil - Vincere vel mori - To conquer or die
Neill - Steady - Steady
Neill - Vincere vel mori - To conquer or die
Neilson - His regi servitium - With these we render service to the king
Neilson - Prústò pro patriâ - Ready for my country
Neilson - Virtute et votis - By virtue and vows
Nelson - Amicitiú virtutisque fúdus - The league of friendship and virtue
Nelson - Faith and works - Faith and works
Nelson - Palmam qui meruit ferat - Let him who has earned it bear the palm
Nelson - San Josef - San Josef
Nelson - Trafalgar - Trafalgar
Nemehard - Pax potior bello - Peace preferable to war
Nesbett - Amica veritas - Truth is dear
Nesbitt - Je maintiendrai - I will maintain
Nesham - Spes, salus, decus - Hope, safety, honour
Netherlands - Voor moed, beleid, trouw - For courage, prudence, and fidelity
Netherwood - Frappez fort - Strike hard
Nettles - Nemo me impune lacessit - No one provokes me with impunity
Nevile - Ne ville - Not vile
Nevile - Ne vile velis - Wish nothing base
Nevill - A tenir promesse vient de noblesse - To keep promise comes from nobleness
Nevill - Ne vile velis - Wish nothing base
Neville-Rolfe - Cresco crescendo - I increase by increasing
Nevoy - Marte et arte - By valour and skill
Newall - Non recedam - I will not go back
Newbigging - Fructu noscitur - It is known by itís fruit
Newbigging - Iíll try - Iíll try
Newborough - Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re - Gentle in manner, firm in act
Newdegate - Confide rectè agens - Doing rightly be confident
Newdigate - Confide rectè agens - Doing rightly be confident
Newdigate - In Domino confido - I trust in the Lord
Newell - Diligentia ditat - Industry renders rich
Newgill - Marte et labore - By arms and toil
Newill - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Newington - Fac justa - Act justly
Newland - Le nom, les arms, la loyauté - My name, my arms, my loyalty
NewLands - Pro patria - For my country
Newle - Pugliem claraverat - He had ennobled the champion
Newling - In hoc signo vinces - Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Newman - Ad te, Domine - To thee, O Lord
Newman - Fidelitate - By fidelity
Newman - Lux mea Christus - Christ is my light
Newman - Magna vis fidelitatis - The force of fidelity is great
Newman - Ubi amor ibi fides - Where there is love there is faith
Newport - Ne supra modum sapere - Be not over wise
Newton - Faveat fortuna - Let fortune favour
Newton - Huic habeo non tibi - I hold it for him, not for thee
Newton - Pro patria - For my country
Nibbert - Animum pise parabo - I myself will provide courage
Niblett - Sperantes in Domino non deficient - Those who hope in the Lord shall not fail
Niblett - Veritatis assertor - The assertor of truth
Niblie - Honor et amor - Honour and love
Nichol - Go on, and persevere - Go on, and persevere
Nicholas - En bon espoir - In good hope
Nicholas - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Nicholl - Duw a Digon - God is enough, i.e. Deus sufficit
Nicholl - Nil falsi audeat - Let him dare nothing false
Nicholls - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Nicholson - Baroach - Baroach
Nicholson - Beneficiorum memor - Mindful of benefits
Nicholson - Deus mihi sol - God is my sun
Nicholson - Generositate - By generosity
Nicholson - Per castra ad astra - Through the camp to the stars
Nicholson - Post prúlia prúmia - After battles honours
Nicholson - Vittoria - Vittoria
Nicholson - Waterloo - Waterloo
Nicolas - Patria cara, carior fides - My country is dear, my faith dearer
Nicolas - Pilot - Pilot
Nicoll - Deo duce, comite industria - God being my guide, Industry my companion
Nicolson - Generositate - By generosity
Nicolson - Nil sistere contra - Nothing to oppose us
Nicolson - Ready, aye, ready - Ready, aye, ready
Nightingale - Compositum jus fasque animi - A mind which respects alike the laws of mutual justice and of God
Nightingale - Mens conscia recti - A mind conscious of rectitude
Nigon - Sans changer - Without changing
Nisbet - Discite justitiam - Learn justice
Nisbet - Exitus acta probat - The results tests the act, or the end proves the deed
Nisbet - Hinc ducitur honos - Hence honour is derived
Nisbet - His fortibus arma - Arms to these brave men
Nisbet - I byde it - I byde it
Nisbet - I hope to share - I hope to share
Nisbet - Non abest virtuti sors - Fortune deserts not virtue
Nisbett - I byde it - I byde it
Niven - Vivis sperandum - Where there is life there is hope
Nivison - Exitus acta probat - The results tests the act, or the end proves the deed
Nixon - Game to the bone - Game to the bone
Noble - Fide et fortitudine - With faith and fortitude
Noble - Virtute et valore - By virtue and valour
Noel - Jus suum cuique - To every man his own
Noel - Pensez en bien - Think on good
Noel - Tout bien ou rien - All well or nothing
Norbury - Regi et patriú fidelis - Faithful to king and country
Norcliffe - Sine macula - Without spot
Norfolk - Bear and forbear - Bear and forbear
Norfolk - Salus per Christum - Salvation through Christ
Norfolk - Sola virtus invicta - Virtue alone invincible
Norman - Deus dabit vela - God will fill the sails
Normanby - Virtute quies - Repose through valour
Normand - Auxilium ab alto - Aid from above
Normanton - Via trita via tuta - The beaten road is a safe road
Norreys - Loyalment je sers - I serve loyally
Norris - Fideliter serva - Perform faithfully
Norris - Steady - Steady
North - Animo et fide - By courage and faith
North - La vertu est la seule noblesse - Virtue is the only nobility
North - Mihi parta tueri - To defend the things acquired by me
North America - Sic semper tyrannis - Thus always to tyrants
Northcote - Christi crux est mea lux - The cross of Christ is my light
Northcote - Cito, non temere - Quickly, not rashly
Northern - Steady - Steady
Northesk - Britannia victrix - Britannia victorious
Northesk - Trafalgar - Trafalgar
Northmore - Nec elata, nec dejecta - Neither overjoyed nor dejected
Northumberland - Esperance en Dieu - Hope in God
Northwick - Par ternis suppar - A pair more than a match for three
Norton - Avi numerantur avorum - A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Norton - Dieu et mon espée - God and my sword
Norton - Fortiter et fideliter - Boldly and faithfully
Norvill - Spem renovant alú - Its wings renew its hope
Notley - Noli mentiri - Do not lie
Nott - Pacem, sed coronatam pacem - Peace, but crowned peace
Nugent - Bonne espérance et droit en avant - Forward, good hope and right!
Nugent - Decrevi - I have resolved
Nugent - Templa, quam dilecta - Temles, how beloved
Nunn - Fortiter in re - Bravely in action
Nunn - Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re - Gentle in manner, firm in act
Nurse - Justitia - Justice
Nuttall - Serva jugum - Keep the yoke

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