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Surname - Motto - English Translation
O'Donnell - In hoc signo vinces - Under this sign thou shalt conquer
O'Shee - Vincit veritas - Truth conquers
O'Beirne - Dii moresque sabunt - The god and (our own) habits will give it
O'Brien - The strongest arm uppermost - The strongest arm uppermost
O'Brien - Vigueur de dessus - Strength is from above
O'Bryen - Vigueur de dessus - Strength is from above
O'Carroll - In fide et in bello fortis - Strong both in faith and war
O'Connell - Ciaíll agos neart - Reason and power, or, Power used with judgment
O'Daly - Deo, regi fielis - Faithful to God and the king
O'Donnelly - Tandem justitia - Justice at length
O'Donovan - Adjuvante Deo in hostes - God aiding against enemies
O'Donovan - Vis super hostem - Strength over the enemy
O'Farrell - Spes mea Deus - God is my hope
O'Flanaghan - Certavi et vici - I have fought and conquered
O'Gorman - Primi et ultimi in bello - First and last in war
O'Grady - Vulneratus non victus - Wounded not conquered
O'Halloran - Ripis rapax, rivis audax - On the banks rapacious, in the streams daring
O'Hara - Try - Try
O'Keefe - Forti et fideli nihil difficile - To the brave and faithful man nothing is difficult
O'Kelly - Fortis turris mihi Deus - God is my strong tower
O'Kelly - Rath Ė Aírda Ė Cöel - On the hill of Cöel (i.e. OíKelly) is the camp of Cöel
O'Kelly - Turris fortis mihi Deus - God is a strong tower to me
O'Loghlen - Anchora salutis - The anchor of safety
O'Malley - Terra marique potens - Powerful by land and sea
O'Mulley - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
O'Mulloy - Fortune and opportunity for ever - Fortune and opportunity for ever
O'Neil - Semper prústo patriú servire - I am ever ready to serve my country
O'Neill - The red hand of Ireland - The red hand of Ireland
O'Reilly - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
O'Reilly - Fortitudine et prudentiâ - By fortitude and prudence
O'Rourke - Serviendo guberno - By serving I govern
O'Rourke - Victorious - Victorious
Oakeley - Non timeo, sed caveo - I fear not, but am cautious
Oakes - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Oakes - Persevere - Persevere
Oakes - Quercus robur salus patria - The strength of the oak is the safety of our country
Oakley - Paterni nominis patrimonium - The patrimony of a paternal name
Ochterlonie - Deus mihi adjutor - God is my helper
Ochter-Lony - Spes labor levis - Hope is light labour
Odell - Quantum in rebus inane - What emptiness in all things (human)
Ogilve - Terrena pericula sperno - I despise earthly dangers
Ogilvie - A fin - To the end
Ogilvie - Ad finem spero - I hope to the last
Ogilvie - Fortune le veut - Fortune so wills it
Ogilvie - Prúclarum regi et regno servitium - Honourable service to king and country
Ogilvie - Pro patria - For my country
Ogilvie - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Ogilvie - Tout jour - Always
Ogilvy - Bene paratum dulce - That which is rightly acquired is sweet
Ogilvy - Ex armis honos - Honour gained by arms
Ogilvy - Fideliter - Faithfully
Ogilvy - Fortune le veut - Fortune so wills it
Ogilvy - Industria - By industry
Ogilvy - Marte et industria - By arms and industry
Ogilvy - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Ogilvy - Quú moderata firma - Moderate things are stable
Ogilvy - Secundat vera fides - True faith prospers
Oglander - Servare munia vitú - To observe the duties of life
Ogle - A Deo lumen - Light from God
Ogle - Fortis in teipso - Brave in thyself
Ogle - Prenez en gré - Take in good will
Oglivy - Pugno pro patriâ - I fight for my country
Okeover - Esto vigilans - Be vigilant
Oldfield - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Oldfield - In cruce vincam - I shall conquer in the cross
Oldfield - Viresco vulnere - I revive by my wounds
Oliffe - Est voluntas Dei - It is the will of God
Oliphant - A tout pourvoir - To provide for every thing
Oliphant - Altiora peto - I seek higher things
Oliphant - Hinc illuminabimur - Hence we shall be enlightened
Oliphant - Honesta peto - I seek honourable things
Oliphant - Hope and not rue - Hope and not rue
Oliphant - Non mutat fortuna genus - Fortune does not change the race
Oliphant - Tout pourvoir - To provide for everything
Oliphant - What was may be - What was may be
Oliveira - Audentior ibo - I will go more daringly
Oliver - Ad fúdera cresco - I grow for treaties
Oliver - Fac similiter - Do likewise
Oliver - Ito tu et fac similiter - Go thou and do likewise
Oliver - Non sine oliver - Not without oliver
Oliver - Nunquam fallentis termes olivæ - A branch of the never-failing olive
Oliver - Sicut oliva virens lútor in úde Dei - As the flourishing olive, I rejoice in the house of God
Ongley - Mihi cura futuri - My care is for the future
Onslow - Festina lente - Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, ďOn slow.Ē
Onslow - Laudo manentem - I praise him that waits
Onslow - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Oranmore - Fortiter et fideliter - Boldly and faithfully
Ord - Miles et fortis - A soldier and a brave one
Ord - Mitis et fortis - Gentle and brave
Ordell - Auxilium ab alto - Aid from above
Orford - Fari quú sentiat - To speak what they think
Orkney - Fight - Fight
Orme - Fortis et fidelis - Brave and faithful
Ormerod - Dedit meliora dabitque - He has given better things will give them
Ormiston - Felicior quo certior - Luckier as it is surer
Ormonde - Comme je trouve - As I find
Ormsby - Fortis qui prudens - He is brave who is prudent
Orpen - Veritas vincet - Truth will conquer
Orpen - Vincit veritas - Truth conquers
Orr - Bonis omnia bona - All things are good to the good
Orrery - Honor virtutis prúmium - Honour is the reward of virtue, or valour
Orrock - Solus Christus mea rupes - Christ alone is my rock
Osbaldeston - Constante et firme - Constant and firm
Osborne - Pax in bello - Peace in war
Osborne - Quantum in rebus inane - What emptiness in all things (human)
Oswald - Forti favet cúlum - Heaven favours the brave
Oswald - Monstrant astra viam - The stars show the way
Otway - Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos? - If God be with us, who can be against us?
Oughton - Nescit abolere vetustas - Antiquity cannot abolish it
Ouseley - Mors lupi agnis vita - The death of the wolf is life to the lambs
Outram - Mutare fidem nescio - I cannot break faith
Ovington - Respice fines - Consider the end
Owen - Frangas non flectes - Thou mayíst break, but shalt not bend me
Owen - Honestas optima politia - Honesty is the best policy
Owen - Nec sperno, nec timeo - I neither despise nor fear
Owen - Sola juvat virtus - Virtue alone delights
Owen - Toraf cyn plygaf - Iíll break before Iíll bend
Oxford - Virtute et fide - By valour and faith
Oxley - Tam aris quam aratris - As well by altars as by ploughs
Oxon - Deo, regi, vicino - To God, my king, my neighbour

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