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Surname - Motto - English Translation
Rabett - Superabit omnia virtus - Virtue shall overcome all things
Radcliffe - Caen, Cressie, Calais - Caen, Cressie, Calais
Radcliffe - Cúteris major qui melior - He is greater than others who is better
Radcliffe - Ceteris major qui melior - Who is better is greater than the rest
Radcliffe - Si je puis - If I can
Radcliffe - Virtus propter se - Virtue for its own sake
Radstock - Rumor acerbe, tace - Cruel rumour, be still
Radstock - St. Vinceut - St. Vinceut
Rae - In omnia promptus - Ready for everything
Raeburn - Tutus si fortis - Safe if brave
Raffles - In cruce triumphans - Triumphing in the cross
Raikes - Honestum prúferre utili - To prefer the honest to the profitable
Raines - Judicium parium, aut leges terrú - The judgment of our peers or the law of the land
Raines - Vici - I have conquered
Raisbeck - Beneficio bene erit - He will succeed by kindness
Rait - Meliora spero sequorque - I hope and strive for better fortunes
Rait - Sperandum - To be hoped for
Rait - Spero meliora - I hope for better things
Ralph - Fideliter - Faithfully
Ralston - Fide et Marte - By fidelity and military service
Ram - Quid tibi fieri non vis alteri ne feceris - Do not to another what you wish not to be done to yourself
Ram - Quid tibi vis fieri facias - Do what you wish to be done to you
Ramadge - Consilio et animis - By wisdom and courage
Ramage - Poco a poco - By little and little
Ramsay - Aspiro - I aspire
Ramsay - Dum varior - Until I am changed
Ramsay - Familias firmat pietas - Piety strengthens families
Ramsay - Migro et respicio - I come forth and look back
Ramsay - Ora et labora - Pray and labour
Ramsay - Semper victor - Always conqueror
Ramsay - Spernit pericula virtus - Virtue despises danger
Ramsay - Superna sequor - I follow heavenly things
Ramsbottom - Fide et virtute - By fidelity and valour
Ramsbottom - Non vi, sed virtute - Not by violence, but by virtue
Rancliffe - Honeste audax - Honourably bold
Randall - Nil extra numerum - Nothing out of time
Ranelagh - Cúlitus litus mihi vires - My strength from heaven
Ranfurley - Moveo et propitior - I move and am appeased
Ranken - In utrumque - For both
Rankin - Fortiter et rectè - Boldly and rightly
Rant - Sicmihi si fueris tu leo qualisens - If thus you, lion, do to me, what a lion you will be!
Ratcliff - Sperare timere est - To hope is to fear
Rathbone - Suaviter et fortiter - Mildly and firmly
Rathdowne - Fortiter, Fideliter, feliciter - Boldly, faithfully, successfully
Ratray - Free for a blast - Free for a blast
Rattary - Ex hoc victoria signo - Victory (is gained) from the sign
Rattray - Semper sidera votum - The heavens always my wish
Rattray - Super sidera votum - My wishes are above the stars
Raven - La tête plus que líargent - The head is better than riches
Ravenshaw - Deus pascit corvos - God feeds the ravens
Ravensworth - Unus et idem - One and the same
Rawdon-Hastings - Trust winneth troth - Trust winneth troth
Rawlings - Cognosce teipsum et disce pati - Know thyself, and learn to suffer
Rawlins - Nec vi standum, nec metu - We must stand neither by force nor fear
Rawlinson - Dieu et mon roi - God and my king
Rawlinson - Festina lente - Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, ďOn slow.Ē
Ray - Et juste et vrai - Both just and true
Ray-Clayton - Honesty is better than riches - Honesty is better than riches
Raymond - Æquam servare mentem - To preserve an equal mind
Raymond - Auctor pretiosa facit - The Giver makes them valuable
Raymond - Nec invideo, nec despicio - I neither envy nor despise
Read - Cedant arma togú - Let arms yield to the gown
Read - Haud lege pertior - Not more skilful than the law
Reade - Amor sine timore - Love without fear
Reade - Cedant arma togú - Let arms yield to the gown
Reade - Utile primo - Useful at first
Reath - Industria ditat - Industry enriches
Reay - In omnia paratus - Ready for all things
Reay - Manu forti - With a strong hand
Red Eagle - Sincere et constanter - Sincerely and steadfastly
Rede - Avi numerantur avorum - A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Redesdale - Æquabiliter et diligenter - By consistency and diligence
Redmond - Pie vivere, et Deum et patriam diligere - To live piously, and to love (both) God and our country
Redwood - Lumen sevimus antique - We sowed light of old
Reed - In Deo omnia - In God are all things
Reed - Memor et fidelis - Mindful and faithful
Rees - Pietate et probitate - By piety and honesty
Rees - Spes melioris úvi - The hope of a better age
Reeves - Animum rege - Rule thy mind
Reeves - Deo volente - God willing
Reeves - Nil sine Deo - Nothing without God
Reeves - Virtute et fidelitate - By valour and fidelity
Reid - Firm - Firm
Reid - Fortitudine et labore - By fortitude and exertion
Reid - In sublime - Upwards
Reid - Semper eadem - Always the same
Reidheugh - Nil nequit amor - Love can do everything
Remnant - Mind your own business - Mind your own business
Rendell - Mors lupi agnis vita - The death of the wolf is life to the lambs
Rendlesham - Labore et honore - By industry and honour
Renfrew - Deus gubernat navem - God steers the vessel
Reppington - Virtus propter se - Virtue for its own sake
Repton - Æquo animo - With equanimity
Reveley - Optima revelatio stella - A star the best revelation
Reynardson - Virtus est vitium fugere - It is virtue to flee from vice
Reynell - Indubitata fides - Undoubted faith
Reynell - Murus úneus esto - Be thou a wall of brass
Reynolds - Favente Deo - By Godís favour
Reynolds - Fide, sed cui vide - Trust, but in whom take care
Reynolds - Fide sed vide - Trust but take care
Reynolds - Jus meum tuebor - I will defend my right
Reynolds - Spectemur agendo - Let us be viewed by our actions
Rhet - Spero meliora - I hope for better things
Rhodes - Cúlum non animum - You may change your climate, but not your disposition
Riall - Re alta spero - I indeed hope for lofty things
Riblesdale - Retineus vestigia famú - Still treading in the footsteps of an honourable ancestry
Rice - Fides non timet - Faith fears not
Rice - Secret et hardi - Secret and bold
Rich - Garde la foi - Keep the faith
Rich - Guarde la foy - Keep the faith
Richard I - Christo duce - With Christ for leader
Richards - Honore et amore - With honour and love
Richards - Libertas virtus sunt summa potestas - Liberty and virtue are the highest power
Richards - Nec sperno, nec timeo - I neither despise nor fear
Richards - Prenez garde - Take care
Richards - Secundis usque laboribus - Continually with prosperous labours
Richardson - Firmum in vita nihil - Nothing in life is permanent
Richardson - Firmus in firmis - Firm among the firm
Richardson - I trust in God - I trust in God
Richardson - Labor vincit omnia - Labour conquers all things
Richardson - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Richardson - Virtus paret robur - Virtue begets strength
Richardson - Virtute acquiritur honos - Honour is acquired by virtue
Richie - Virtute acquiritur honos - Honour is acquired by virtue
Richmond - En la rose je fleurie - I flourish in the rose
Ricketson - I am, I am - I am, I am
Ricketts - Deo duce - God my guide
Ricketts - Prend moi tel que je suis - Take me as I am
Ricketts - Quid verum atque decens - What is true and befitting
Rickford - Deeds not words - Deeds not words
Rickinghall - Dieu et mon espée - God and my sword
Riddell - Deus solus auget aristas - God alone increaseth the harvest
Riddell - Hope to share - Hope to share
Riddell - I hope to share - I hope to share
Riddell - Right to share - Right to share
Riddell - Utile et dulce - The useful and agreeable
Riddock - Tu ne cede malis - Yield not to misfortunes
Rideout - Toutz foitz chevalier - Always a knight
Rider - Dum cresco spero - While I increase I hope
Ridley - Constans et fidei - Steady to my faith
Ridsdale - Deus est spes - God is our hope
Rig - Virtute et labore - By valour and exertion
Rigg - Virtute et labore - By valour and exertion
Rigge - Festina lente - Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, ďOn slow.Ē
Ripon - Foy en tout - Faith in everything
Rippon - Our hope is on high - Our hope is on high
Ritchie - Ostendo non ostento - I show, not boast
Ritchie - Virtute acquiritur honos - Honour is acquired by virtue
Rivers - Æquam servare mentem - To preserve an equal mind
Rivers - Secus rivos aquarum - By rivers of water
Riversdale - Manus húc inimica tyrannis - This hand is hostile to tyrants
Robe - Candore - By candour
Robeck - Fortis sub forte fatiscet - The brave shall grow weary beneath the brave
Roberson - Loyal au mort - Loyal to the dead
Robertoun - For security - For security
Roberts - Deo adjuvante, fortuna sequatur - With God assisting, good fortune may follow
Roberts - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Roberts - Lente sed attente - Slowly but carefully
Roberts - Quú supra - What things are above
Roberts - Successus a Deo est - Success is from God
Robertson - Dinna waken sleeping dogs - Dinna waken sleeping dogs
Robertson - Gloria virtutis merces - Glory is the reward of virtue
Robertson - Intemerata fides - Faith undefiled
Robertson - Perseveranti dabitur - It will be given to the persevering
Robertson - Post funera virtus - Virtue survives death
Robertson - Quúque favilla micat - Every ember shines
Robertson - Ramis micat radix - The root glitters in its branches
Robertson - Recte faciendo neminem timeas - In acting justly fear no one
Robertson - Robore et sapientia - By strength and wisdom
Robertson - Virtutis gloria merces - Glory is the reward of valour
Robertson - Ductus, non coatus - Led, not forced
Robertstoun - Securitate - With security
Robins - Deus nobis quis contra? - God for us, who shall be against us?
Robinson - Dulcis amor patriú - The love of oneís country is sweet
Robinson - Foy en tout - Faith in everything
Robinson - Sola Deo salus - The only salvation is in God
Robinson - Sola in Deo salus - Safety alone in God
Robinson - Spes mea in futuro est - My hope is in the future
Robinson - Vincam malum bono - I will overcome evil by good
Robinson - Virtus pretiosior auro - Virtue is more precious than gold
Robinson - Virtute non verbis - By valour not by boasting
Robson - Justus esto, et non metue - Be just, and fear not
Roch - Fides probata coronat - Tried faith crowns
Roche - Dieu est ma roche - God is my rock
Roche - Mon Dieu est ma roche - My God is my rock
Rochead - Fide et virtute - By fidelity and valour
Rochead - Pro patria - For my country
Rochford - Spes durat avorum - The hope of my ancestors endures
Rochfort - Candor dat viribus alas - Truth gives wings to strength
Rochfort - Vi vel suavitate - By force or by mildness
Rodd - Recte omnia duce Deo - God being my guide all things will be rightly done
Roddam - Nec deficit - Nor is another wanting
Roden - Faire mon devoir - To do my duty
Roden - Magna est veritas et prevalebit - Truth is great and will prevail
Roderick - Omnia vincit amor - Love subdues all things
Rodie - Spero meliora - I hope for better things
Rodney - Non generant aquilú columbas - Eagles do not beget doves
Rodwell - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Roe - Tramite recta - By a direct path
Rogers - Celeriter et jucunde - Quickly and pleasantly
Rogers - Justum perficito, nihil timeto - Act justly, and fear nothing
Rogers - Le roy et líéglise - The king and the church
Rogers - Lux mea Christus - Christ is my light
Rogers - Nil conscire sibi - To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of oneíself, i.e. against oneís self
Rogers - Nos nostraque Deo - We and ours to God
Rogers - Vigilia et ora - Watch and pray
Rogers-Harrison - Absque virtute nihil - Nothing without virtue
Rokeby - In bivio dextra - In a forked path choose the right hand
Rokeby - Non nobis solum, sed toti mundo nati - Born not for ourselves alone, but for the whole world
Rokeby - Sola in Deo salus - Safety alone in God
Rolland - Immutabile, durabile - Immutable, lasting
Rolland - Spes juvat - Hope delights
Rolland - Sustentatus providentiâ - Sustained by providence
Rolle - Nec rege, nec populo, sed utroque - Neither for king nor people, but for both
Rolleston - Ainsi et peut estre meilleur - Thus and perhaps better
Rollo - La fortune passe par tout - The vicissitudes of fortune are common to all
Rollo - Valor et fortuna - Valour and good fortune
Rolls - Celeritas et veritas - Promptitude and truth
Rolt - Cuspis fracta causa coronú - A spear broken in the cause of the crown or is the cause of a crown
Rome - Pungit, sed placet - It pricks, but pleases
Romer - Et agere et pati fortiter, Romanum est. - Both to do and to endure bravely is (a) Roman(s) part
Romney - Non sibi, sed patriú - Not for himself, but for his country
Ronald - Sic virescit virtus - Thus virtue flourishes
Rooke - Efflorescent cornices dum micat sol - Rooks will flourish while the sun shines
Roper - Spes mea in Deo - My hope is in God
Roscommon - Auxilium ab alto - Aid from above
Rose - Audeo - I dare
Rose - Constant and true - Constant and true
Rose - Constaunt aní trew - Constaunt aní trew
Rose - Flourish - Flourish
Rose - Je pense à qui pense plus - I think of him who is the most thoughtful
Rose - Rosa petit cúlum - The Rose seeks heaven
Roseberry - Fide et fiducia - By fidelity and confidence
Rose-Cleland - For sport - For sport
Roskell - Ros cúli - The dew of heaven
Ross - Agnoscar eventu - I shall be known by the results
Ross - Caute non astute - Cautiously, not craftily
Ross - Constant and true - Constant and true
Ross - Floret qui laborat - He is prosperous who labours
Ross - Non opes, sed ingenium - Not wealth, but mind
Ross - Per aspera virtus - Virtue through hardships
Ross - Qui spinosior fragrantior - The more thorny the more fragrant
Ross - Rosam ne rode - Gnaw not the rose
Ross - Spe aspera levat - He lightens difficulties by hope
Ross - Spem successus alit - Success nourishes hope
Ross - Think on - Think on
Ross - Time Deum - Fear God
Ross - Virtute et valore - By virtue and valour
Ross - Virtutis gloria merces - Glory is the reward of valour
Rosse - Pro Deo et rege - For God and the king
Rosslyn - Fight - Fight
Rosslyn - Illúso lumine solem - To behold the sun with sight unhurt
Rosslyn - Rinasce piu gloriosa - It rises again more glorious
Rossmore - Post prúlia prúmia - After battles honours
Roster - Fides - Faith
Rothery - Festina lente - Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, ďOn slow.Ē
Rothes - Grip fast - Grip fast
Rothschild - Concordia, integritate, industria - By concord, integrity , and industry
Rothwell - Nil conscire sibi - To have a conscience free from guilt. To be conscious of nothing of oneíself, i.e. against oneís self
Round - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Roundell - Merere - To deserve
Rounder - Tenax propositi - Firm of purpose
Roupell - Fidelè - Faithfully
Rous - Je vive en espoir - I live in hope
Rous - Rosa petit cúlum - The Rose seeks heaven
Rous - Vescitur Christo - He feeds on Christ
Rouse - In te, Domine, speravi - In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Rousseau - Et vitam impendere vero - To sacrifice even life to truth
Roussell - Fidelè - Faithfully
Row - Non desistam - I will not desist
Rowan - Cresco per crucem - I increase by the cross
Rowan - Per industriam - Through industry
Rowand - Húc lucra laborum - These are the advantages of industry
Rowe - Agendo gnaviter - By acting prudently
Rowe - Innocens non timidus - Innocent but not fearful
Rowley - Bear and forbear - Bear and forbear
Rowley - La vertu surmote tout obstacle - Virtue overcomes every obstacle
Rowley - Ventis secundis - By favourable winds
Roxburghe - Be traist - Be faithful
Roxburghe - Pro Christo et patria dulce periculum - For Christ and my country danger is sweet
Roxby - Perseverando - By persevering
Roy - Qua tendis? - Whither do you steer?
Royal Burgh - Vigilando ascendimus - We rise by being vigilant
Royal Society - Nullius in verba - At the dictation of no man
Roydes - Semper paratus - Always prepared
Ruck - A regibus amicis - From friendly kings
Ruddiman - Vis viri fragilis - Weak is the strength of man
Rudge - In cruce fides - Faith in the cross
Rugeley - Confide in Deo - Trust in God
Ruggles-Brise - Struggle - Struggle
Rule - With heart and hand - With heart and hand
Rumbold - Ut sursum desuper - I swoop down to soar again
Rumbold - Virtutis laus actio - The praise of virtue is action
Rumney - Mors úrumnarum requies - Death is rest from afflictions
Rumsey - Virtute non vi - By virtue not by force
Runcorn - Servabo fidem - I will keep the faith
Rundall - Unita fortior - The stronger being united
Rush - Un Dieu, un roy, un foy - One God, one king, one faith
Rush - Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy - One king, one faith, one law
Rushbrooke - Fluminis ritu ferimur - We rush on like a brook
Rushout - Par ternis suppar - A pair more than a match for three
Rushton - Have patience and endure - Have patience and endure
Rushton - Reviresco - I flourish again
Russel - Amice - Lovingly
Russel - Virtus sine macula - Virtue unspotted
Russell - Agitatione purgatur - It is purified by agitation
Russell - Che sarà sarà - What will be will be
Russell - Discite justitiam moniti - Learn justice, being admonished
Russell - Fidelis et audax - Faithful and bold
Russell - Memor - Mindful
Russell - Nitor donec supero - I strive until I overcome
Rust - Veritatis et úquitatis tenax - Persevering in truth and justice
Rust - Vitú via virtus - Virtue is the way of life
Rutherford - Amico fidus ad aras - Faithful to my friend as far as conscience permits, or even to death, lit even to the altar
Rutherford - Nec sorte, nec fato - Neither by chance nor destiny
Rutherfurd - Sedulus et audax - Diligent and bold
Ruthven - Deeds show - Deeds show
Rutland - Pour y parvenir - To accomplish it
Rutson - Spectemur agendo - Let us be viewed by our actions
Rutter - Melitú amor - Love of Malta
Ruttledge - Verax atque probus - Trustworthy and honest
Ryan - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Rycroft - Fayth hathe no feare - Fayth hathe no feare
Rydon - Fortuna et honos ab alto - Fortune and honour are from above
Rymer - Ense animus major - The mind (i.e. reason) is more powerful than the sword

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