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Coats of Arms - Surnames and Mottos


Surname - Motto - English Translation
Taaffe - In hoc signo spes mea - In this sign is my hope
Tailefer - Viresco - I flourish
Tailour - In cruce salus - In the cross is salvation
Tailour - In cruce salus - In the cross is salvation
Tailour - Per ardua - Through difficulties
Tait - Ægre de tramite recto - Scarcely from the right path
Tait - God give grace - God give grace
Tait - Toujours la même - Always the same
Talbot - Humani nihil alienum - Nothing that relates to man is indifferent to me
Talbot - Prest dí accomplier - Ready to accomplish
Talbot de Malhide - Fort et fidèle - Brave and faithful
Tane - Labor et industria - Labour and industry
Tankerville - De bon vouloir servir le roy - To serve the king with right good will
Tansley - Virtutis laus actio - The praise of virtue is action
Tarlton - Post nubila Phúbus - After clouds sunshine
Tate - Thincke and thancke - Thincke and thancke
Tatham - Veritatem - Truth
Tatlock - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Tattershall - Lege, sapere aude - Read, dare to be wise
Tattnall - Je me souviendrai - I will remember
Tatton - Crescent - They will increase
Taunton - Curú testimonium - A testimony of caution
Taunton - Defendamus - Let us defend
Taunton - Passibus citis sed úquis - With rapid but regulated steps
Tawse - Deo juvante - By Godís assistance
Tayler - Conserva me, Domine - Preserve me, O Lord
Taylor - Consequitur quodcunque petit - He hits whatever he aims at
Taylor - Fama candidâ rosâ dulcior - Fame is sweeter than the white rose
Taylor - Fidelisque ad mortem - And faithful to death
Taylor - In hoc signo vinces - Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Taylor - Natale solum dulce - Our native soil is sweet
Taylor - Semper fidelis - Always faithful
Taylor - Tachez surpasser en vertue - Strive to surpass in virtue
Taylor - Victoriú signum - The emblem of victory
Taylor - Vigilans - Watchful
Taylor-Gordon - I byde - I byde
Teale - Fideliter - Faithfully
Teignmouth - Perimus licitis - We perish by what is lawful
Tempest - A foye - To faith
Tempest - Love as you find - Love as you find
Temple - Te stante virebo - Whilst thou endurest I shall flourish
Temple - Templa, quam dilecta - Temles, how beloved
Templemore - Invitum sequitut honor - Honour follows one who desires it not
Templer - Nihil sine labore - Nothing without labour
Templeton - Virtutis avorum prúmium - The reward of my ancestorsí valour
Tempsst - Loyouf as thow fynds - Loyouf as thow fynds
Tenison - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Tennant - Dabit Deus vela - God will fill the sails
Tennant - Tenax et fidelis - Persevering and faithful
Tennyson - Nil temere - Nothing rashly
Tennyson-DíEncourt - Nil temere - Nothing rashly
Tenterden - Labore - By labour
Ternan - Buagh - Victory
Tetlow - Prúmium virtutis honor - Honour is the reward of virtue
Tey - Tais en temps - Be silent in time
Teynham - Spes mea in Deo - My hope is in God
Thackeray - Nobilitas est sola virtus - Virtue is the only nobility
Thackwell - Frappe fort - Strike hard
Thackwell - Mihi solicitudo futuri - I have a care for the future
Thanet - Fiel pero desdichado - Faithful, though unfortunate
Tharrold - Ex merito - Through merit
Thatchell - A rege et victoria - From the king and by conquest
The Baron de Bliss - Deus nobiscum, quis contra? - If God be with us, who can be against us?
The Chisholm - Feros ferior - I strike the fierce
Thearle - Nihil sine labore - Nothing without labour
Thelluson - Labore et honore - By industry and honour
Theresa - Fortitudine - With fortitude
Thesiger - Pax aut bellum - Peace or war
Thirley - Malgré líenvie - In spite of envy
Thom - Dum, vivo, spero - While I live I hope
Thomas - A Deo et patre - From God and my father
Thomas - Honesty is the best policy - Honesty is the best policy
Thomas - Pro patriâ et rege - For my country and king
Thomas - Quid pure tranquillet - What purely calms
Thomas - Virtus invicta gloriosa - Unconquered virtue is glorious
Thomas - Virtute non astutia - By courage not by craft
Thomlinson - Non sibi, sed patriú - Not for himself, but for his country
Thomond - Vigueur de dessus - Strength is from above
Thompson - Certum pete finem - Aim at a sure end
Thompson - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Thompson - Fear not friendship - Fear not friendship
Thompson - Go on, and take care - Go on, and take care
Thompson - In God I trust - In God I trust
Thompson - In lumine luceam - I may shine in the light
Thompson - Je veux bonne guerre - I wish fair play
Thompson - Nile - Nile
Thompson - Non quo, sed quo modo - Not for whom, but in what manner
Thompson - Optima est veritas - Truth is best
Thompson - Patientia vinco - I conquer by patience
Thomson - Christus providebit - Christ will provide
Thomson - Curú cedit fatum - Fate gives way to caution
Thomson - Honesty is good policy - Honesty is good policy
Thomson - Industria murus - Industria is a protection
Thomson - Je veux bonne guerre - I wish fair play
Thomson - Lente in voto - Slowly (is) in my power, i.e. is what I wish
Thomson - Optima est veritas - Truth is best
Thomson - Suum cuique - To every man his own
Thorburn - We live in hope - We live in hope
Thoresby - In silentio fortitudo - Courage in silence
Thorlby - Fide et fiducia - By fidelity and confidence
Thorn - Ad gloriam per spinas - To glory through thorns, i.e. difficulties
Thorn - Súpe creat pulchras - The sharp thorn often bears beautiful roses
Thornhill - Amantes ardua dumos - The thorns which love the hills
Thorold - Cervus non servus - A stag not enslaved
Thorp - Super antiquas vias - Upon the ancient tracks
Thorton - Vincit percula virtus - Virtue overcomes dangers
Thos - Growi hil Gwernimon - Gronowís of the race of princes
Thos. Willement F.S.A. - Thynke and Thanke - Thynke and Thanke
Thrale - In cruce confido - I trust in the cross
Thriepland - Animis et fato - By courageous acts and good fortune
Thriepland - Animus et fata - Courage and fortune
Throckmorton - Moribus antiquis - With ancient manners
Throckmorton - Virtus sola nobilitas - Virtue is the only nobility
Thruston - Thrust on - Thrust on
Thurlow - Justitiú soror fides - Faith is the sister of justice
Thurston - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Thynne - Jíai bonne cause - I have good reason
Tibbetts - Per industriam - Through industry
Tichborne - Pugna pro patriâ - Fight for your country
Tichburn - Instata vi patriú - He rushes on with the strength of his country
Tiffin - Patriú fidelis - Faithful to my country
Tighe - Summum nec metuam diem nec optem - May I neither dread nor desire the last day
Tillard - Audi, vide, sile - Hear, see, be silent
Tilney - Espoir me comfort - Hope comforts me
Timperley - Prúvide, ne prúveniare - Look forward, lest you be forestalled
Tindal - Nosce teipsum - Know thyself
Tippet - Non robore, sed spe - Not by strength, but by hope
Tippet - Non robore, sed vi - Not by strength, but by force
Tipping - Dat tela fidelitas - Fidelity supplies weapons
Tisdall - Tutamen tela coronú - Our weapons are the defence of the crown
Toash - Crede et vince - Believe and conquer
Todd - Faire sans dire - To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Todd - Oportet vivere - It behoves us to live
Todd - Semper vigilans - Always watchful
Toke - Militia mea multiplex - My warfare is manifold
Toler - Right can never die - Right can never die
Tollemache - Confido conquiesco - I trust and am contented
Tolson - Ferro comite - My sword my companion
Tomlin - Opes industria parit - Industry produces riches
Tomlins - Per ardua virtus - Virtue through difficulties
Tomlinson - Non sibi, patriú - Not for himself, for his country
Tompson - Fortis in arduis - Brave under difficulties
Tonge - Steady - Steady
Tonkin - Kensol tra Tonkein ouna Diu mathern yn - Before all things, Tonkin, fear God in the king
Tonson - Manus húc inimica tyrannis - This hand is hostile to tyrants
Tooke - Militia mea multiplex - My warfare is manifold
Toole - Spero - I hope
Tooth - Perseverantia palmam obtinebit - Perseverance will obtain the reward
Topham - Cruce non prudentia - By the cross, not by prudence
Torpichen - Spero meliora - I hope for better things
Torr - Altiora spero - I hope higher things
Torrance - I saved the king - I saved the king
Torre - Turris fortissima Deus - God is the strongest tower
Torrington - Tuebor - I will defend
Tottenham - Ad astra sequor - I follow to the stars
Touchet - Je le tiens - I hold it
Tounley-Balfour - Omne solum forti patria - Every land is a brave manís country
Tovy - I Deo confido - I trust in God
Tower - Dominus fortissima turris - The Lord is the strong tower
Towers - Nisi Dominus frustra - It is vain without the Lord
Towers - Turris mihi Deus - God is my tower
Towle - Amo pacem - I love peace
Townley-Parker - Sapere aude - Dare to be wise
Townsend - Vitâ posse priore frui - To be able to enjoy the recollections of our former life
Townshend - Deum cole, regem serva - Worship God, revere the king
Townshend - Húc generi incrementa fides - Fidelity (gave) these honours to our race
Townshend - Huic generi incrementa fides - Faithfulness caused the increase of this family
Townshend - Vince malum patientia - Overcome evil with patience
Townsley - Tenes le vraye - Hold to the truth
Townsley - Tenez le vraye - Keep or speak the truth
Tracy - Memoria pii úterna - The memory of the pious man is eternal
Trafford - Gripe griffin hold fast - Gripe griffin hold fast
Trafford - Now thus! - Now thus!
Trail - Discrimine salus - Safety in danger
Trant - Aquila non captat muscas - The eagle catcheth not flies
Traquair - Judge nought - Judge nought
Treacher - Æquam servare mentem - To preserve an equal mind
Tredcroft - Vigilando quiesco - In watching I rest
Treffry - Whyll God wyll - Whyll God wyll
Trefusis - Tout vient de Dieu - All comes from God
Tregonwell - Nosce teipsum - Know thyself
Tregose - Ferro consulto - I argue with the sword
Trelawney - Sermoni consona facta - Deeds agreeing with words
Trelawney - Virtus patrimonio nobilior - Virtue is nobler than inheritance
Tremayne - Honor et honestas - Honour and honesty
Trench - Virtutis fortuna comes - Fortune is the companion of valour
Trent - Augeo - I increase
Trevanion - En Dieu est mon espoir - In God is my hope
Trevellyn - Tyme tryeth troth - Tyme tryeth troth
Trevelyan - Time tryeth troth - Time tryeth troth
Trevor - Quid verum atque decens - What is true and befitting
Treweeke - Fervet opus - The work is urged on vigorously
Trigger - Terra marique victor - Victorious by land and sea
Trimelstowne - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Trist - Nec triste, nec trepidum - Neither sad (trist) nor fearful
Tritton - Fortiter gerit crucem - He bravely supports the cross
Trivett - Salvus in igne - Safe in fire
Trollop - Audio sed taceo - I hear, but say nothing
Trotter - Festina lente - Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, ďOn slow.Ē
Trotter - In promptu - In readiness
Trotter - Nec timidus, nec ferus - Neither fearful nor brutal
Trower - I trow aught - I trow aught
Trower - I trow aright - I trow aright
Troyte - A Deo in Deo - From God in God
Troyte - Fortes fortuna juvat - Fortune favours the bold
Truell - Diligentia fortior - Stronger by diligence
Truss - Virtus intaminatis fulget honoribus - Virtue shines with unspotted honours
Tucker - Auspice Teucro - Under the auspices of Teucer
Tucker - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Tucker - Vigilate - Watch
Tufton - Ales volat propriis - The bird flies to its kind
Tufton - Fiel pero desdichado - Faithful, though unfortunate
Tuite - Alleluiah - Alleluiah
Tuite - Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! - Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Tunstall - Droit - Right
Tupper - Líespoir est ma force - Hope is my strength
Turberville - Avi numerantur avorum - A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Turberville - Vincit qui patitur - He conquers who endures
Turing - Audentes fortuna juvat - Fortune favours the bold
Turnbull - Audaces fortuna juvat - Fortune favours the bold
Turnbull - Audaci favet fortuna - Fortune favours the bold
Turner - Animo et fide - By courage and faith
Turner - Avito viret honore - He flourishes through the honour of his ancestors
Turner - Confido conquiesco - I trust and am contented
Turner - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Turner - Finem prospiciens - Looking to the end
Turner - Pro patria - For my country
Turner - Tu ne cede malis - Yield not to misfortunes
Turney - In hoc signo vinces - Under this sign thou shalt conquer
Turnly - Perseverando - By persevering
Turnor - Turn nor swereve - Turn nor swereve
Turnour - Esse quam videri - To be rather than seem to be
Turville - Virtus semper eadem - Virtue is always the same
Tweeddale - Spare nought - Spare nought
Tweedie - Aut pax aut bellum - Either peace or war
Twenlow - Teneo tenuere majores - I hold (what) my ancestors held
Twining - Stellis aspirate gemellis - Breathe on us with your twin stars
Twiselton - Vidi, vici - I saw, I conquered
Twisleton - Fortem posce animum - Wish for a strong mind
Twiss - Virtuti non armis fido - I trust to virtue, not to arms
Twitoe - Vigilo et spero - I watch and hope
Twogood - His utere mecum - Use these things with me
Twysden - Prúvisa mala pereunt - Foreseen misfortunes perish
Tylden - Truth and liberty - Truth and liberty
Tyler - Crux prúsidium et decus - The cross is (my) guard and honour
Tyler - My king and country - My king and country
Tyler - Nec aspera terrent - Difficulties do not daunt
Tyler - Trafalgar - Trafalgar
Tyler - Volonté de Dieu - The will of God
Tyndale - Confido non confundar - I trust and shall not be confounded
Tyne - Fortiter defendit, triumphans - Triumphing, it bravely defends
Tynte - Tynctus cruore Saraceno - Tinged with Saracenís blood
Tyrconnel - Per acuta belli - Through the asperities of war
Tyrell - Sans crainte - Without fear
Tyrell - Veritas via vitú - Truth is the way of life
Tyrwhitt - Me meliora manent - Better fortunes await me
Tyssen - Post mortem virtus virescit - Virtue flourishes after death
Tyssen - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Tyssen-Amherst - Post mortem virtus virescit - Virtue flourishes after death
Tytler - Je suis prest - I am ready
Tytler - Occultus non extinctus - Hidden, not extinguished
Tyzack - Seigneur, je te prie garde ma vie - Lord, I beseech thee save my life

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